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  1. How do you get such a smooth HD/60fps with the VX1000 like in the new transworld video? Any good AE/premiere tutorials? Thanks.
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    Vx1000 60fps

    yep i mean substance. ive also seen some other vx clips on youtube or vimeo which looked similiar to the transworld video. (cant find any example right now) the "second parts" of stearns and funkhouser they got up at the tranworld site now look like shit with the transworld player. but when the had the online premiere of the funkhouser part on vimeo the picture looked way smoother than normal VX footage. they must have something done with it in post. i usually got my shutter at 120. im gonna give it a try at 180. sharpness is already at the peak in the CPs. what do you mean with stretched? stretched to 16:9? i dont want that. i wanna keep it to 4:3 but have a "smoother" (more HD like) picture.
  3. Here's our first full length video. Vimeo Youtube Tell me what you think.
  4. So heres the first trailer for our first full length video, which will be finished hopefully by the end of this year. SP YouTube Qicktime