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  1. I wanted to shoot some long exposure stuff of the meteor shower but it turned out to be boring. These shots were more interesting. All taken with a Canon 60D, Nikon 15mm f/2.8 fisheye at f/4, exposures were about 20sec for each.
  2. Levinthhour

    Bachelortage 2012

    Threw together a little edit for my buddies bachelor party...I'm getting too old for this shit. Canon 60D 5D mkII Various Nikon Lenses Tamron 10-22 f/3.5-4.5 Premiere CS6 After Effects CS6
  3. I know this breaks the rules a little, but I'm requesting a video here. I'm thinking about putting together a mini ramp montage. My buddy and I just built one and I figure its a good excuse to rent some cool gear (Sony FS700 anyone?) and go to town. Do you guys know of any well shot mini ramp videos around? I can't seem to find any.
  4. Levinthhour

    5d Mkiii

    Right yeah. I can totally get it for the 550D. Native ISOs are great to have. Intervalometer is cool, but you can always buy one for like 20 bucks. AGC is important, Kelvin WB is important. Yeah Stroh, I agree with you, I think for anything coming out now ML isn't as important, especially the mkIII. I don't know about levels for monitoring audio but, honestly, if audio is that important go through like a beachtek box or into an external recorder.
  5. Levinthhour

    5d Mkiii

    Uh...why? I may just be curmudgeonly, which I can be sometimes, but I'm not such a huge believer in Magic Lantern. Don't get me wrong. I think it's a great piece of software, and can really help out, but I've been using DSLRs for several years and never really had an issue that I felt like I needed ML for. Maybe to get a higher Bitrate? Other than that the features are cool but not really necessary. Exposure, focus, etc are all easy enough to see on these cameras.
  6. Levinthhour

    Digital Bolex

    It's a really, really interesting idea. I'd like to know a little more about it; lens mount, media type, batteries, etc. It's definitely an interesting alternative to something like a 5D mkIII, so long as I can throw my nikon lenses on it, you know?
  7. Levinthhour

    The Promised Land

    Few from recent travels. I'll have more to come. Bonus 1 Bonus 2 - This needs a quick explanation. There is a town in Israel called Sderot. It's right near the Gaza Strip and it's continually being hit with home-made rockets that have been fired from Gaza. At the police station they have racks of these rockets that, when they hit the ground, mushroom out into really interesting patters. I wanted to capture that in an abstract way. Something that, in its entirety is destructive and deadly, but in this little slice is abstract, interesting, and maybe a little beautiful. So there's my American Beauty description of that photo.
  8. http://www.blackmagic-design.com/support/d...5&leg=false
  9. Eh, depends. From what I've seen there isn't a ton of money in music videos. Most of the time, if there's a song we like, we'll work with an artist. We got something silly like $350 for this. I'd like to charge more but the money generally isn't there. We just shot something a little more complex and, although she was willing to give us more money, I put it all towards equipment rentals because I'd rather have something that looks good than get paid for it at the moment. For this we edited in FCP then took everything over to Color for the grade. I actually hate color and I think we're going to start using DaVinci Resolve Lite for our next video...or just magic bullet if we wanna cop out. Personally, depending on the project I'd maybe just use After Effects, apply curves, and tinker as necessary.
  10. Shot this a few months ago, wanted to see what you guys think about it. Canon 60D and t3i; both using Cinestyle.
  11. Levinthhour

    Questions: Fps/resolution/post

    Here's what I do. I don't shoot much skating anymore but the ideas are the same. For high motion things like skateboarding I'd shoot anything you definitely don't wanna slow down in 1080 30p with a shutter speed around 1/60 (or higher if you want a Saving Private Ryan strobe effect). This is for two reasons really...maybe more. Basically this way you have a 'film' look to your stuff, which is nice in general. Also, you have the extra resolution to play with. I generally shoot 1080 and edit 720. I feel like for the web, which is where most of this stuff goes, 720 is more than sufficient and you have all this extra room to move around. Say you wanna crop out something in the corner of the frame you didn't notice. Bam! Just increase the size to like 80% instead of 66.66% and it's gone. No blurring from blowing up your clip. Also, with the DSLRs I think aliasing is less at 1080 because it's downres-ing the sensor less. Not 100% on that though. If you think you might want something in slow motion shoot 720/60p with a high shutter speed. Minimum around 1/120 but I've gotten much better results at 1/250 or higher. There's less motion blur and the slow motion looks cleaner. If you shoot everything like this you're going to have a more 'video' look, which some people like less. However, it's a lot of personal preference. If you want things to look like video, shoot 720 all the time. If you are a purist and think it's cheating to crop in post or something, shoot 720 all the time. I've explained what I do, which should be a good jumping off point, but experiment and see what you like best.
  12. Levinthhour

    Tripods For Slr Video

    Just saw this post. Anyway, I don't mind it. I've used tripods in the past with ground and mid level spreaders and now these legs without. The ground level spreader is nice to have but I'm doing alright without it, raising and lowering the tripod by myself can be a bit dicey though. I guess if I was going to buy another tripod I might get some legs with the ground spreader to make life easier but only if it was a good deal. Mid level spreaders make me mad and I find they get jammed/bent pretty easily. I see the idea, but to me it's like an unhappy medium.
  13. Levinthhour

    Your Most Viewed Video

    443,000. Of course, once people stopped liking Dave Chappelle so much they stopped watching this video. Wasn't really my intention to get views that way though.
  14. Levinthhour

    Another Ae Problem

    Interlacing issues. Are they still there when you render? I've had it be the case that I see the interlacing lines in the preview but once I render things work themselves out.