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  1. Random Photo Discussion

    go up to the mile end and eat montreal bagels plus lotsa other ish. st bernard & st viateur are nice streets crescent can be pretty gross, but brutopia is at the bottom of it & pre nice. go up st. laurent for some slightly better but still slightly gross bars. blue dog & korova r pre gross n fun
  2. Random Photo Discussion

    joel sternfeld published a book through steidl called iDubai. fukn steidl
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    and you then called the cops on him so he prolly was given a fine and tossed in a drunk tank
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    takes one to know one
  5. D00ds

    yr stumpjumper is v chill tho
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    seriously tho, milk.
  7. Random Photo Discussion

    i would also maybe attribute it to the collectors culture/vague obsession japanese take on over whatever they're into. seems like they go hard
  8. Random Photo Discussion

    is yr film covering the rectangle cut out on the top of the holder?
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    i'll be there 16- 26 of dec. but im not trading cameras let alone talking about em
  10. First Studio Portrait

    watch yr shadows. there is a shadow by his nose under his left eye that doesnt need to be there. tweak yr light's position. like what that dawg said, you need some more shadow info. more detail the better, dont lose that ish. n that weird halo around him is weird.