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  1. Fruitboot

    Lettuce discuss: ogmike the MVP

    COVERS BABY, COVERS! Huge congrats man
  2. Fruitboot

    I became a slide film whore

    Thanks so much man, what a compliment! You should get back into shooting film, even if it's just in a point and shoot on rare occasions!
  3. Fruitboot

    Random Photo Discussion

    Sry don't have those superpowers. Hope you're good dude! Still in Portland(?)? Man, there's so many IG accounts out there that do features. Usually their name ends with "mag" or "magazine". They all have various aesthetics, so find one that fits your style. A few off the top of my head: back2thebase, fotofilmy, somewheremagazine, noicemag
  4. Fruitboot

    My baby

    Cute kiddo dude, I bet you're an awesome dad
  5. Fruitboot

    I became a slide film whore

    Got back into shooting 6x6 after neglecting the Bronica for awhile. As always, crit appreciated. All Bronica SQ-Ai + Provia 100F
  6. Fruitboot

    Trips coming up?

    Thanks dude, book may become a thing if it seems I have any sort of overarching theme. It'll probably take me until winter to get everything deved/scanned/edited.
  7. Fruitboot

    Scanner for 35mm

    I use my cellphone screen and a small piece of white acrylic that lays on top to rid the possibility of the screen pixels coming through. I use magnets to hold the film flat. Workflow is crazy fast. Including setup time, a roll of 36exp 35mm will take ~10 minutes. Any roll after that will take an additional 4-5 minutes. Some 6x4.5 examples.
  8. Yessssss thank you! Light game so on point.
  9. Got married, moved to Japan for a few years, now backpacking for 8 months, heading to school this September for my Master of Architecture at the ripe age of 28. Am I #oldmanclub yet?
  10. Pls post that bw polejam photo you shot with this. I spent a solid afternoon trying to find that photo about 6 months ago...
  11. Fruitboot

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    zen_zanon About to go through this thread and follow some of ya'll.
  12. Bought a Sony A7 Shot strictly digital for about a year Then I dusted off the SQ-Ai I bought off the classifieds here 12 years ago and now I'm shooting more film than ever. Rocking a Fuji GA645 and Fuji Natura S these days though I still have the Bronica and a slew of other cameras. So awesome seeing all these familiar names...and seeing you all still shooting. There's no comparable site to SP.
  13. Fruitboot

    Trips coming up?

    Whoa man, congrats on the kiddo!!!! Chile sounds amazing minus the whole skateboard airport fiasco. I'm on the last 2 weeks of an 8 month backpacking trip through SE Asia shooting only film for some stupid reason. After this trip I'm moving to the East Coast of Canada; Halifax peeps what up.
  14. Fruitboot

    Scanner for 35mm

    Ive switched to scanning with my Sony A7 and macro lens. If you already own a good digital camera this route will give you results that destroy any flatbed scanner. With how good digital cameras are, flatbeds are outdated tech at this point.
  15. Fruitboot

    35mm pictures from a new guy

    Don't rely on the film aesthetic to make photos interesting.