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  1. I'm bummed about the tree/plant behind him. It'd be a lot cleaner looking with him isolated in the sky.
  2. April Fools

    Nice work man! You did a really good job organizing the overall publication. The full page spreads made lots of sense and the little blurbs were nice to break things up. Rad job!
  3. 面白くない

    Some digi snaps from the past few months. Been shooting mostly on the Bronica again and have a decent backlog of rolls to develop. yayyy Mie Prefecture, Japan. Keelung Mountain, Taiwan Nara Prefecture, Japan
  4. Timelapse With Manual Lens

    Auto ISO doesn't work? I feel like that should work regardless of what lens you're using.
  5. Renting an NSX for a couple of hours this summer to drive around Mt. Fuji. hype! Left hand shifting will be interesting. They also have a Hakosuka Skyline that I'm on the fence about giving a try.
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    Super rad dude. Love the shot with the Alfa in it! Damn man! House fire or are you up in Northern BC dealing with that crazy fire??
  7. ::crickets::

    Thanks dewds!
  8. Random Photo Discussion

    I'd say more than half my friends call me either Tomchy or Canadian. Andrew is weird to me too... He did a nice job printing them. Once I'm back in North America they will probably be the first things up on the wall. The person already knew who I was? wtf
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    Hahahaha, yeah I misspell my own name when writing quickly sometimes. Damn Ukrainians.
  10. ::crickets::

    Been shooting an architecture photo a day since January.
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    His car broke down when he was shooting that so he posted here asking for donations in exchange for prints. I sent him some money and he hooked it up with 3 rad as fuck 11x14 and 12x12 prints a few months later. 1 2 3 Between work and an architecture competition I'm doing I have hardly had any time to shoot. The only time I really have is my walk from work to the train station. It's finally still light out at that time so I'm haappppppyyyyyyyy
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    ^^Sooooo sick dude! Amazing work, you've been killing it for a long time now. Fingers going over the WLF and gripping the far side, crank in my palm, thumb wrapped around the bottom. Been carrying it that way for almost 10 years now (holy fuck that sounds crazy). Only have 2 lenses, Canon FD 50mm 1.8 and Canon FD 28mm 2.8. I'm wanting to get an FD 35mm and eventually plan to get the FD 50mm 3.5 macro with extension tube to start 'scanning' my negs. That combo gives you 1:1 and the lens optics are apparently stellar. I never really thought I could enjoy using a camera as much as the SQ-A, but the A7 works perfectly for me. I'm at the point now where I can nail focus extremely fast even when shooting at f2.
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    I love how easy the A7 is to hold and maneuver. It balances perfectly with only a few fingers under the grip. Maybe I'm weird though, I also find the SQ-A really easy to carry in one hand too.
  14. Random Photo Discussion

    Rest in peace Chase. It's always sunny 16 in the afterlife.