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  1. Hey, does anyone out there remember a music video where a skater falls and hits his head and wakes up riding an 80's setup? The video did an amazing job of capturing the look and feel of a classic Powell Peralta video. I think it would have been created somewhere after 2008 and would have fallen into a "post-punk" genre. Pretty sure it was an instrumental. Been searching in vain. Thanks!
  2. observer

    Sony VX3

    Sorry guys, but the fact that the VX3 is analog and not mini-DV has no bearing on it's color being superior to a one-chip mini-dv. Their are certainly other considerations that would make a one-ccd mini-DV camera a better choice, but color is not one of them. 3CCDs is 3CCD's. And the size of the CCD's matter. I think the VX3 has the same size 1/3" CCD's (actually, the exact same) as the VX1000 (please correct me if I'm wrong). This camera could be great for the right person in the right situation. Maybe someone who already has one chip miniDV or better yet a Digi8 that also plays Hi8. That person could get this cam and dump their tapes straight to digital or to the computer with tiniest bit of loss in quality. Sure, if they played the Hi8 tapes over and over again they'd start to notice degradation of quality but the first transfer (and the only one neccessary) would be really clean. And they'd have to be able to get it for super cheap (sub$400) or have it given to them by a relative or something. And certainly, if they were really serious about shooting, they'd probably better off saving up for a mini-DV 3CCD cam. But if you're some 13 year old kid with minimal financial resources, maybe this would be a sweet camera. Buy it at the beginning of the summer and have cash left over for boards, tapes, and trips. I think the biggest disadvantages would be short battery life and the likely lack of a decent wide-angle. And if you didn't already have another mini-DV or Digi8 to perform the analog to digital conversion. . A random point, one cool thing about an old cam like this is the max 2 hour recording limit on the tapes. Also the actual physical form factor of these tapes is a little more robust then a mini-DV tape. I don't know, I just think people shouldn't be so quick to disregard the usefullness of some of the older equipment out there. We should all be looking for ways to make the best of our available resources and to make our footage stand out, rather then trying to make it look all the same...