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  1. flipsrowleykid

    Anyone Have A Dvx100b For Sale?

    PM'd post up guys!
  2. flipsrowleykid

    Anyone Have A Dvx100b For Sale?

    I can't find him on here, if you can direct him to this thread that'd be great, thanks!
  3. flipsrowleykid

    Anyone Have A Dvx100b For Sale?

    It's still happening Just need a Dvx100b as well.
  4. flipsrowleykid

    Anyone Have A Dvx100b For Sale?

    Thanks for the post, but no thanks man, looking for the 100b model.
  5. Needs to be in good/excellent condition, low-ish hours, everything working, all OG access. Maybe a shotgun mic. if you have it. Looking to buy it for $1000 or under and willing to buy it today. Need it by Friday but I'll be more than glad to pay for the shipping costs for that. Thanks guys! post up!
  6. I'll PM you Don't be mean! I'll send you a text tomorrow to let you know whatsup
  7. Just what the topic says I'm looking to finally upgrade to HD. Post everything that you have for sale (batteries, chargers, P2 cards, cases, model of HVX it is, ext.) Looking for obviously good cosmetic/working condition, with low-medium hours. Please make your prices reasonable! No crazy numbers or anything =P, or maybe we can negotiate Post up please!
  8. flipsrowleykid

    How To Defend Yourself And Your Camera....

    [quote name='thegnarsicles' post='3641255' date='Aug 24 2010, 06:45 PM']i just went upstairs and grabbed a roll of pennies... i'm gonna keep those with me just in case haha thanks bro[/quote] [quote name='obama' post='3658449' date='Sep 9 2010, 12:20 PM']Dam dood this is probably the best info ive ever gotton on SP thanks alot broski[/quote] [quote name='Kinder!' post='3694537' date='Oct 20 2010, 03:08 PM']second time i'm reading this and its very helpfull...i never tought about the ATM thing...also i don't know why, maybe because of my mom, im super carefull whenever pull out my camera to film, and every guy who looks a little bit suspicious, i check him every 5 seconds to see if he's looking at me or to see what he's doing.[/quote] [quote name='swackedflapjack' post='3725944' date='Nov 27 2010, 10:20 PM']woah thanks for all of this information, i go to some sketchy places sometimes but i haven't had to deal with people trying to steal my stuff until recently and i feel like this is gonna help me out[/quote] [quote name='NicholasResendez' post='3795760' date='Feb 10 2011, 08:18 PM']This was helpful![/quote] I'm glad all of you guys like it! Makes me happy that I posted it all the time ago =D Hope it helps you guys out!
  9. flipsrowleykid

    Fs: Dvx100a (sold)

    SOLD to Ryan Sillaman!
  10. flipsrowleykid

    Fs: Dvx100a (sold)

    Pending deal to Ryan Sillaman!
  11. flipsrowleykid

    Fs: Dvx100a (sold)

    Okay just let me know. PM'ing you now