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  1. Listing this Hvx200a package for my friend Steve Marino. Camera was used to film various East Coast videos from 5Boro and Zoo, as well as sections in videos from Nike, Girl/Chocolate, Transworld and more. Has been well cared for, looks good and functions properly. Panasonic HVX200a w/ Xtreme Century Fisheye 4 Batteries 2 p2 cards - 16 and 32 gb 2 Chargers Panasonic camera bag Looking for $ 3500 obo I will check this periodically but if you're interested e-mail Steve directly: stephenmmarino@gmail.com
  2. Chur boy aint fuckin around now, who got the hpx170 extreme lens and are trying to sell it also who got some p2 cards they finna sell? no 4gig no 8gig bull shit, im talking like 16-64gig holla at your boy Free max B
  3. Brooklyn Zoo

    Sony To Stop Making Minidv Tapes?

    seeing as you can still buy Hi-8 Vhs-C and VHS tapes in general I think we got some more time, there is even dvcproHD tapes for dubbing physical copies of HD footage I don't think they have fully lost relevance yet.
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    Im selling here a well cared for Dvx100b, 330 hours, I am the original owner treated it like it was my own child. comes with everything you see here, I just don't use it as much as I used to and I have an Hvx so I no longer need this camera. Also will include the Barry Green book and Magic Bullet *I lost the original panasonic lens cap, but I have a replacement 72mm cap for it* **battery charger not pictured because I was too lazy to dig it out from behind my desk, if its really an issue I will send you a picture but It comes with the original panasonic brand charger** $800 OBO *NO TRADES* Most Recent video Shot with this camera from about 2 months ago, was for my friends bed and breakfeast. All photos here, Photobucket keeps fucking up, wont resize the photos
  5. Brooklyn Zoo

    Yet Another Vx1000 Problem

    it could be simple as dirty heads, run a head cleaner see if that works.
  6. Brooklyn Zoo

    Vx1000 Weird Footage

    the flares your speak of at 45 seems normal, thats called bokeh, the hexagonal shape comes from the Iris, the line coming down the screen is what happens when ccds are overexposed all is normal. as for lens fungus fog=fungus so if your footage comes out foggy thats fungus doing it, everyones vx1 seems to have it from one extent to another these days. just dont film into the sun if you dont want those flares
  7. Brooklyn Zoo

    Sony Vx1000 Audio Noise

    if you look inside your tape deck its the silver drum in the middle, thats most likely your problem
  8. Brooklyn Zoo

    Sony Vx1000 Audio Noise

    if its like a loud buzz or similar its the bearings in the heads going bad, only way to remedy is to get new heads
  9. Brooklyn Zoo


    Finna sell dis mo fucker doe, **OBO** make me an offer sheet
  10. Brooklyn Zoo

    Blurry Vx1000 Footage?

    heads wouldnt really make footy blurry, probably pixelated if anything but not blurry, probably would be a lens issue, shot focus or maybe heavy fungus
  11. Brooklyn Zoo


    Still got this got lazy on trying to sell it for a little bit, someone make me an offer, will also now include Magic Bullet with it. I forget to check this alot, Shoot me an Email: Evanwalshey@gmail.com
  12. Brooklyn Zoo

    Damaged Vhs Effects? Where To Get?

  13. Brooklyn Zoo


    they go for 700-900 on ebay, looking for 800 OBO some one make me an offer
  14. Brooklyn Zoo


    Got Lazy trying to sell it $800 you pay shipping and paypal costs and its yours
  15. Brooklyn Zoo

    Vx1000 Misalignment

    typically if footage is recorded on to a camera with a misaligned deck it will only play back fine on that specific camera, glitching+only reading on that specific vx could point to an alignment issue
  16. Brooklyn Zoo


    Okay $1,000 OBO Want to get rid of this thing, all its doing is "collecting dust" someone make me an offer
  17. Brooklyn Zoo

    Strong Board Company

    I'm a chunky boy and any DLX or Creature boards would hold up under me just fine
  18. Brooklyn Zoo

    Vx1000/mk1 Weird Focus Problem..?

    its caused by longboards, the camera says "oh hell naw I didnt sign up for this". most likely auto exposure or with all that moving around did you possibly bump the focus toggle onto auto focus?
  19. Brooklyn Zoo

    Vx1000 Steadyshot Buzz

    one time i had my camera serviced and it came back doing what it sounds like you are saying, like you can hear the steady shot element clicking around in the vap, i took it back and they said a cable had been left unplugged
  20. Brooklyn Zoo

    Foggy Footy

    yes its exactly what it sounds like, there is a fungus contamination living inside of the lens assembly. a 16 year old camera which doesnt exactly have the best of seals on its lens being handled by probably sweaty hands is bound to have it one degree or another. Almost everyone one has it these days just some worse off than others. Depending on the severity of contamination it can be between 200-400 (with no guarantee of it not coming back) and in some cases not fixable as replacement parts are no longer available. I paid $150 about 2 years ago to have mine cleaned out and I had it bad. It has taken about 2 1/2 years for it to come back but the level that it is at is one I can live with as its hardly noticeable. http://forums.skateperception.com/index.ph...=260423&hl=
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  22. Brooklyn Zoo


    Lets try $1100OBO shipped
  23. Brooklyn Zoo


    I dont know but I've seen plenty going strong with 1500+
  24. Brooklyn Zoo

    The Megamillions Jackpot

    I'd take the lump sum and then just buy up as many houses as I could, Real estate in New York City is getting way the fuck out of hand, the value will only go up, My parents bought their house in park slope for 28,000 in 1985 when it was a shit neighborhood, now most to all houses here go for no less than 1 million.
  25. Brooklyn Zoo


    OBO and 330 is not a lot of hours