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  1. ride till i die

    Official Skate Shoes Thread

    how do those skate? I've always wanted to try a pair of circas.
  2. ride till i die

    Transitioning Out Of Skateboarding

    I grew up with a real close group of friends, and we all skated. Everyday, all day. They were all two years older than i was so naturally i did everything they did. They got into drinking and smoking and i followed but after 3 years or so i realized i needed friends my own age and no one i knew really skated anymore so i stopped for two years. Up until recently, one of my good friends wanted to start, so me and another good friend of mine showed him. It was awesome, teaching him the basics gave me a feeling of when i first had started and lately I've been skating a lot. I know I'm not going to go anywhere with it really but i just do it for the fun and good memories. Never stop doing something that makes you happy.
  3. ride till i die

    Skateboard Rumors/Confirmed Rumors

    Damn, that sucks they are my favorite shoe company. Kinda figured though when they stopped making the accel plus they'd be coming to an end.
  4. ride till i die

    Post A New Trick

    casper flips and i got nollie heels and switch heels back too
  5. ride till i die

    Post Your Setup

    7.75 mike-mo girl destructo trucks blank wheels speed demon bearings
  6. ride till i die

    Palm Springs Tage

    makes me wanna move out of new york until winter is over
  7. ride till i die

    Whatchu Do For April Foo?

    Well my friends pulled a good prank on us today. There was 10 of us at this girl's house having a bar-b-cue or whatever and we were drinking and playing some beerpong. Orginially there was 40 kids there and a lot left and some were kicked out, the ones who got kicked up fucked up her front lawn and called the cops and shit. So its just the 10 of us and we were inside playing some pong and the doorbell rings, bam a cop.Everyone except this one kid and the girl whos house it was stayed and the rest of us ran to a park near her house. We meet up with my other friend and the girl, and they say that the cop is inside and wants to talk to us and that he has a breathe-a-lizer in there. Now all of us are 16-17 and were all flipping out and shit, so we walk back in and see no cop, my friend yells april foools! and that was it.
  8. ride till i die

    Sony Vx2100

    </3 it will be missed
  9. ride till i die

    Ever Filmed A Party

    its on my old computer, when i have time ill put it up
  10. ride till i die

    Ever Filmed A Party

    I used to take pictures of parties and shit and one picture ruined that all..
  11. ride till i die

    Ever Filmed A Party

    I remember my first beer..
  12. every other time i hit next...i see a guy jerking off..ive seen one girl fingering her self tho..that was entertaining for about 5 minutes
  13. ride till i die


    Amen. The accels are the only shoes i'll ever skate. i wish they still made the accel plusses tho.
  14. ride till i die


    Deffinately one of the best videos ive seen
  15. ride till i die

    Whats Your Setup?

    girl 7.75 ventures that ive had for about a year.. blank 53mm wheels some random bearings i got destructo trucks for christmas..are they any good? im so used to skating venture idk if i wanna try them and be dissapointed.