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  1. deadward

    Amazing Compression Settings

    nice! Thanks for posting this.
  2. deadward

    No Sound?

    What about teh default pre-sets, do you still get the same error? Check out the audio settings for one of the other built-in pre-sets, like the standard DV setting or whatever. Try setting your new template to match those settings.
  3. deadward

    No Sound?

    make sure your hitting the down-arrow, not the right arrow... screen shot
  4. deadward

    No Sound?

    It depends on what pre-set you use as to whether the audio defaults to off or not. you can make a new output template with the audio box checked if you like. Go to Composition-->Make Movie Click the down-arrow next to Output Module Select Make Template In the window that pops up, under settings, give the template a name, then click edit to set up the output to whatever video and audio formats you like. You can also set your default settings from that window... Also, to GhettoStar, you might want to mention next time that your problem was with the preview, not with export. It will save time and help people give you the correct answers. The more specific you can be, the easier it is to get help.
  5. deadward

    Editing Software Tutorials

    Most of the tutorials I put together can now be found here http://briefcase.yahoo.com/bc/deadward@pac...&.src=bc&.view=
  6. We get this question once or twice a week, so here is the answer taken from the Sorenson Knowledge Base... Error: "Sorenson Squeeze requires third party tools to be installed before installing Squeeze. " Operating System: Windows Product: Sorenson Squeeze Version: any Issue: "I just bought Sorenson Squeeze 4.1 and tried to install. On screen 2 it says I need Quicktime 6.5.1 or higher. I have 7.02 Pro, but the installer doesn't see it. I there a work-around?" Cause: The Squeeze installer is not working when the newly released QuickTime 7 is installed. The options for the QuickTime Authoring Components has been changed by the new QuickTime 7 so the Squeeze installer does not work correctly. Solution: For now the best solution is to go back to QuickTime 6.5.1 until after you install Squeeze. Please download from here http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/quicktime651.html Or in order to find the QT 6.5.1 installer please go to QT home page click in support and do a search for QuickTime 6.5.1 , then download the windows installer version. This issue will be resolved in our Squeeze 4.2 that will be released Monday. The 4.2 update will be a free update for all current Squeeze 4.* owners.
  7. deadward

    Avi's In After Effects

    no such compressor means that whatever codec was used to save or capture your clips is not available to AE... The only thing I can think of would be maybe if your camera was producing its own really compressed files using its own codec or maybe if you had an old version of AE and you were using divx or xvid or something... If you have any other way to open the files (Premieere, QT Pro, etc) try to resave them using some other codec, like standard DV-AVI or uncompressed .Mov.
  8. deadward

    Avi's In After Effects

    Do the clips have sound outside of AE? What settings are you using when capturing and saving? I would guess your using the DV-AVI pre-set in WMM, which is what I would suggest. Maybe there is a problem with your AE install.
  9. deadward

    I Found This Clip

    Those kids were super fucked up, I wonder if he is that kid that they all hate, but they let him hang around anyway just so they can do jacked up stuff to him... Either way, I know it hurts to break your arm and all, but that kid cried like a bitch forever... fuck, get up and go to the hospital already, its not like you broke your leg you whiney girl.
  10. deadward

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    best - show - ever. I have the DVD's on constant repeat. The best is when he trips Shaq during a Laker game and the entire city starts to hate him...
  11. If you don't have a 3D effect available try this... Type some Text; add whatever fill color and a stroke color you like. Press <ctrl> + O to make the text into editable objects, and then <ctrl> + G to group the objects. Hold down the <alt> key and drag your text down and to the left a little, this will make a second copy of the text. With the second copy still selected, hit " Object-->Arrange-->Send to back" Scale the send copy down slightly... hold the shift key while scaling to keep it from getting distorted Hit <ctrl> + A to select all your objects. In your toolbar, double click on the blend tool (if you don't know what that is, put your mouse over any tool for a second to get a tool tip pop up) In the blend tool option window, set the spacing to "Specified Steps" and set it to 50 To use the blend tool, click on the first letter of your upper text layer and then the first letter of your lower text layer... That should give you a decent fake 3D look. Save the text as an illustrator file.
  12. I'm not sure if I am getting the exact point where its going wrong, but your finished 3d text timeline should look somrthing like this... When that is finished, you want to pre-comp the whole thing to turn it into one easy to work with layer that you will use in your finished composition... to pre-comp, select all the layers in your text timeline and hit " Layer --> Pre-Compose"
  13. if your doing the echo, and nothing is happening it probably means that you didn't hit the "collapse transforms" button. *the little asterisk looking thing circled in red*
  14. Place the mask layer above your text layer. Then use the pull down on the Text Layer to sellect Alpha Mask Inverted...like so As for making the text fly behind and in front, I jut modified the masks a little. I ended up with slightly different masks for each text layer... Proper Text Mask Bomb Shape Mask Ganda Text Mask I changed the masks to allow the text fly in front of teh skater in a couple places to enhance teh 3D look and to give the animation some depth...
  15. The echo operator needs to be set to "Composite in Front" like screen cap in the tutorial Yours is set to "screen" which will cause the effect you are seeing.