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  1. COREfilms

    8gb Ipod Touch

    nah not lookin for anymore cam gear, anyone got honda shit
  2. COREfilms

    8gb Ipod Touch

    make an offer
  3. COREfilms

    8gb Ipod Touch

  4. COREfilms

    Fs. Gl1 And Raynox

    edit: thanks tj
  5. COREfilms

    Fs. Gl1 And Raynox

    Not lookin for trades just some cash
  6. COREfilms

    8gb Ipod Touch

    got pics on my photo bucket. my photobucket name is corefilms.
  7. COREfilms

    Fs. Gl1 And Raynox

    no. fuck photobucket, cant figure shit out right now. my photobucket name is "corefilms" i have plenty of pics of the cam on there for anyone who's interested. edit: and btw i can only find the one battery it came with and the 12 hour one, so unless i find the other thats what it will come with. 675 takes everything.
  8. COREfilms

    8gb Ipod Touch

    just like it says, screen is in perfect condition, the back has the regular ipod scratches and scuffs. i'll post up some nice pics later on. $135 shipped. firm edit: email - jerseyshorejerk@hotmail.com - goes right to my phone so ill get u back quick
  9. i will post pics soon, I haven't been on here in awhile and i haven't been filming much at all. My GL1 has only had about 30 hours put on it since i've had it and i didn't even use it to capture with. The person who owned it before me was the original owner and only used it as a back up camera for weddings awhile back and filmed two shorts with it. unfortunately theres some glue around one of the edges, the person before me said after getting a repair done he glued it together. the speaker is also crackly sounding but the video and audio are fine, only if it were to be played back on the camera does the audio not sound ok, with headphones plugged into it there is no problem though. the raynox is mint, no scratches or marks. I have two regular batteries and a 12 hour one, charger, a few sony premiums, two cheap wireless microphones and a canon eg200 (i think thats it) back pack for it all. im willing to split but i'd rather sell it together and im going to try to do that first. make me an offer, im not up for trades unless you have integra parts. hopefully pics will be up tonight. if you email me it will go right to my phone and i can send u some phone pics right away, but ill make sure to take some good ones to pust up here. email - jerseyshorejerk@hotmail.com
  10. COREfilms

    Cheap Lenses

    two canon 18 - 55 (one with front cap) and one nikon 28 - 80 sold as is. no scratches. 35 shipped each
  11. COREfilms

    Drawing Tablet

    barely used. 65 bucks shipped
  12. COREfilms

    Jawbone Bluetooth

    your not cool unless you wear a bluetooth everywhere
  13. COREfilms

    Jawbone Bluetooth

    your not cool unless you wear a bluetooth everywhere
  14. COREfilms

    Jawbone Bluetooth

    brand new in box, unopened, sealed, closed, fresh, its never been used. 60 dollars shipped