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  1. Random Photo Discussion

    I'm a big fan of The Heavy Collective. Best viewed on web, as they do an interesting Q&A with a photographer, as well as a photo feature. Itsnicethat has a good photo section. Also FotoRoom.
  2. Trips coming up?

    Think I'm going to Cuba in the fall. Anyone ever been? I've never been south of South Korea in my life, so I know nothing to actual heat and beaches.
  3. random stuff

    Thanks for the feedback. Definitely less of a "stop and wait photographer" although have been more conscious about trying it out more recently. Appreciate all the feedback, especially the third shot. What you thought of totally makes sense. I walk through that way often so will hopefully get a chance to shoot something there again. First one is a Yashica T4 with Fuji Superia 800 I think. The second two are Stylus Epic with HP5 I think. I shoot 2 rolls of B&W a year and it's usually that.
  4. random stuff

    Thanks, more light woulda been better for sure. They probably remind you of Toronto because they are Toronto, haha.
  5. Random Photo Discussion

    Anyone got a Konica Big Mini they'd wanna sell. Gotta get the GF something for her birthday.
  6. hella film cameras

    I'd give you $40 for the MJU i.
  7. Random Photo Discussion

    Ask if they have any sample shots that were made recently. At that price it doesn't seem to bad, especially since it's 220. I'm sure if you don't like the results, you could make your money back selling it to someone else.
  8. Night life

    First and third are great. Especially the first one.
  9. what's up with your website?

    Thanks! I feel like photo sites should be simple, as it's just a showcase. I agree with the clicking rather than lightbox....I just need to figure out how to do that. I know the next button isn't ideal. Will hopefully be adding some new stuff by the end of the summer. I don't shoot as much in the winter/when the weather isn't nice. I'd still like to go through and edit some of the stuff that's up there now and maybe add and remove a couple images. I also have a couple ideas for projects in my head that would be nice to start, however they deal with talking to people and shooting portraits, both of which I don't have much experience with.
  10. Random Photo Discussion

    Weird, maybe something with the winder. Continuing the T4 stories, just tried to buy one from some guy locally (but paid to ship it cuz they live 2 hours away and I have no car) and I think I got scammed. No replies or anything. Paid with bank eTransfer so no buyer protection. Have their phone number and email, but searching both bring up nothing. Not sure if I have any recourse. Guess I've learned my lesson. Paypal or nothing. I didn't pay "full price" so at least I didn't loose an extra $100+ bucks.
  11. Scanner for 35mm

    I get some weird error message with this link.
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    I would Ivan in exchange for some prints or something (always liked your work), but my winder is dying so I doubt you'd get much use from it. Might just keep it as parts for my GF's T5 if it starts to break. My friend has a Klasse. I haven't shot on it, but have held it and it feels super solid. The results from it look nice, definitely up there in T2/T4 area. I guess since they're somewhat "new" it should last awhile.
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    Tell me about it. I remember seeing all the good P&S cameras going regularly for $200ish. I wish I'd bought up abunch of cameras back then, woulda been making some good money these days. I paid $180 CAD for mine about 5 years ago.
  14. Random Photo Discussion

    Considering selling my Yashica T4. Has a weird rewind issue where it'll start to rewind the film 5ish frames away from the last one. I suspect the motor is slowly dying. Any idea what to price it as?
  15. The Cool Photographer Videos Thread 2k18

    Jeff Wall. Good amount of behind the scenes footage, and what goes into his images. http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2674706522
  16. Scanner for 35mm

    I've never had much fun scanning on my V600, at least with 35mm. It's slow and I never got the scans as sharp as I'd like, but I have seen people get good results from them. I think you just need to take your time and expect to spend almost an hour per roll. Dedicated 35mm scanners are pretty expensive though, I think you'd be looking around $800+ for a Pakon or those Nikon ones. Found this tutorial to be helpful.
  17. Indonesia

    Last one is pretty epic.
  18. Last month(s)

    Thanks man. Processing wise I don't really do much. Maybe tweak the levels a little bit. I generally prefer images with less contrast. Scanning is all done by the lab. I'm not sure how to check EXIF data. I know they use a Noritsu, but not sure if this is what they used.
  19. Last month(s)

    Glad this place is back. Haven't found a place that gives any feedback. Appreciate any C&C.
  20. what's up with your website?

    Good thread. Recently made a site after putting it off for awhile. Feels good to start putting some work in order, but I find it challenging figuring out how to best sequence the photos. I have two different projects, however I'd say they're fairly similar in subject matter. I just think it's better to have two projects around 14ish photos each than one that's 28 photos. Looking to upload some more stuff, but want to nail these two first. I would say it's still a work in progress. There's a couple photos I'd like to re-scan. I've been using cargo collective as it's what I was using for my graphic design portfolio. Pretty simple to use, and offers the ability to customize it as you please. At this point I'm fine with it looking like everyone else's website. I don't think it's a bad thing for many sites to look similar, as the layout shouldn't take away from the work. I personally prefer to view one image at a time, rather than a scrolling list. That way you're not seeing the cut off images that are before and after, you can appreciate one photo at a time. C&C always appreciated. www.cargocollective.com/sometimeperhaps
  21. Trips coming up?

    Would like to take a vacation this year, didn't have one last year due to moving out and whatnot. Not really sure where to go. Never been anywhere in the world south of Chicago, so I have no idea what tropical weather feels like. Still want to do a road trip to the east coast of Canada, which seems like the total opposite of tropical.
  22. Last month(s)

    Good to know. Thanks again for all the advice!
  23. Last month(s)

    Thanks for all the advice, really appreciated it. This is what I've been missing since SP went away. I do like coffee so maybe I'll try some coffee shops first. I guess just explain who I am and what I do? Maybe offer to frame a few prints that work well together and ask if they'll show them? Something along those lines. Thanks! I missed it too.
  24. Last month(s)

    This is the first time I've tried to sequence my photo's and create a narrative/sequence which I find quite hard to do. I think I've done alright creating a beginning and end, but everything in between is tricky. I've gone back and forth moving things around, but not really sure how to do it. Perhaps printing 4 x 6's and physically moving them around would be easier than trying to do it on the computer. That way I can see everything at once. Any advice for building a body of work? I'd like to try and exhibit some work, and that's something I'm working towards. This site is a first step in that direction.