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  1. My footage is 720x480 With those settings recommended in the composition, isn't it bad to stretch it to fit? Here are more settings & More & More Anyone have better settings to use?
  2. Anyone know a tutorial similar to this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SjJiR73Ej0...feature=related
  3. Bry

    Sony Dcr-fx1

  4. While its rendering, that comes up. Anyone know how to get rid of it?
  5. Damn thats what I was thinking at first! I hope that could be the solution Any other input?
  6. Anyone know what could be the problem?
  7. Oh no, I thought it did haha I found the solution to this but it lead to another problem
  8. Ahaha sorry ahead of time but, whats that mean exactly
  9. Well actually, it didnt do this before Im trying to remember how I made it go away last time It was today too
  10. --> QUOTE(Aevrey B @ Nov 30 2009, 06:42 PM) 3357290[/snapback] 1. Has it been doing this all the time? Does it happen to all of your footage?It happens to some footage 2. What camera do you use? JVC Everio 3. Are you using any effects with the footage when that happens? None whatsoever And you say while it's rendering. So after it's finished rendering, does that appear in the footage? Yeah after its done it shows
  11. Oh what, it saves it seperately I usually just save the uploaded clips from the camera into my desktop Yeah in the past everything was fine, but ever since then ive been having this damn problem for some time now Before I just used to convert it with this program (I forgot what it was) so it has audio but I dont want to mess up the quality and what not
  12. Bry

    Hd Settings

    We already set it to "Ultra Fine" Im just asking how to make it look good still when I upload it to my computer & After Effects
  13. Bry

    Hd Settings

    Im just trying to get the best quality I can possibly get
  14. Seeing if this is the right place to post this haha http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?showtopic=236098 ^Other post
  15. Bry

    Hd Settings

    Idk i was just watching videos on youtube and used the settings they said How am i not filming in HD? We set it to "Ultra Fine" quality or whatever it was How do we change the NTSC setting? God this camera is such a pain in the ass!
  16. Bry

    Hd Settings

    Our camera can go 1920x1080 But when I export it to my computer, its 720x480 We are filming in 60p If this helps, we use this http://camcorder.jvc.com/product.jsp?model...119&page=14 GZ-MG670
  17. Bry

    What Hand Do You Beat With

    Ahaha I fucking knew it XD
  18. Bry

    Rymfire Skatepark

    I enjoyed it XD Song flowed well with it
  19. Bry

    Are We Done Yet?

    Lol yeah It was pretty lame :|
  20. Bry

    Josiah Gatlyn: Who We Are

    Notice how fast his front foot comes back even if it's slow mo'd (on the OMGWTF hardflip)