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  1. Epidemic08

    Camera Accidents

    filming lines for the first time ive fallen with my vx1k and but I always seem to roll and avoid hitting it..maybe I value it over my own safety lol.. Raynoxs arent that cool but they can take abuse man..
  2. No problem homie.

  3. thanks for doing the inteview man..

  4. Sick man really good info I jus got a vx1 so i know I needed this stuff..Thanx
  5. Epidemic08

    You Know Your A Filmer When...

    when you rather buy a lense for you vx than pay your car payment and insurance..
  6. Epidemic08

    Basic Steps On How To Use A

    Video is sick reminds me of old school instructional videos..
  7. Epidemic08

    Photographic Composition

    in skateboarding industry its all about who you are and who you know, not always about talent. But look at photgraphers like atiba, hes living the life we all want..anyways I love this thread good info man Im gonna focus on comp it really can improve my photos..
  8. Epidemic08

    Photographic Composition

    Man good links and info it really helped me understand about comp, I always been alittle confused by whats good and whats bad comp, good thread thanks mad beginners like me will like this one..
  9. Its a really good starter camera, Nikon f100 not worth 300 bucks

  10. Ohh sick! You'll love it. Make sure the get the 50mm 1.8, it is sooo sharp.

  11. Epidemic08

    Beginner Questions

    I wanna get a nikon n90s I just wanna know would it be worth it, or is there a better 35 mm out there.. I also thought about getting a fm 10 again thanks in advance for your help..
  12. what do you mean by looser comp Im still an beginner..

  13. oh shit im soory I thought you called me a loser bro..lol..

  14. thanks any suggestions..