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  1. Trix

    Don't Call It A Comeback

    Haven't been shooting much since SP went down a few years ago, but shot this yesterday. Alley-oop back 180 into the bank.
  2. Trix

    P2 Card Reader

    After a P2 card reader, come at me
  3. SP once again sorting my life out for me. Nice one fellas
  4. Trix

    Backtails Like It's Nobodies Business

    Hit the nail on the head there mate. Nice one. Props. And yeah, he backtailed the whole thing which is why I shot it center. Shot some others with him off center and it just looked like he was only doing part of the block.
  5. I can get plus III's for the same price as plus II's, should I just get a flex and three plus III's then? [/mong]
  6. Surely if I've got the cash I should just get the best out there though?
  7. Trix

    Backtails Like It's Nobodies Business

    I shot this with a 28mm, which is my widest lens and I only just managed to fit in the whole ledge with it. And that was with me learning back as well. In front of the bush is a no go cos I'd probably only get half of my friend in the shot. totally blowing it.
  8. Trix

    Backtails Like It's Nobodies Business

    Nah, I shot this from on top of a bush. If i had the camera tilted down anymore you'd see this really horrible bush. Well gutted about that.
  9. whoa there big girl wow, been a long since i've posted here. maybe i should visit more. or maybe i should shoot more.
  10. Also known as, make my decision for me. I've got enough cash for 4 plus IIIs or 4 Flexs. Tell me what to buy, you knowledgable bunch of folks. I've had a read up on both but for the life of me I can't decide. Fuck ebay slaves.
  11. big. big. first time i've been hyped on anything i've shot in ages.
  12. Trix

    Bump To Bar

    think i accidentally cut off the bottom of the frame when i scanned the fish shot. i'll re-scan it soon. i spent 8 quid on a set of fresh batteries when i shot then, it just way too cold for them to work. as soon as i got them back into the warmth of my flat, they worked fine. i need to get another quantum. using flashes powered by AA's suck.
  13. Trix

    Bump To Bar

    shit was so cold only one of my flashes would work. pretty gutted about that. can't decide which one i prefer of the longlens shots. digi portra.