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  1. mikejl29

    Fotoquote 6

    I've got it. It really depends on what you're trying to price out. For events / weddings it won't be the best. I'd say its better for business to business type stuff. If a company came to you and wanted you to shoot or license a photo your already shot for this book cover, 5000 copies, for North America only, it would tell you what to charge. If you were trying to figure out what to charge for a 1/2 page in a skateboard magazine, Fotoquote will suggest something but magazines already have their own rates that they pay. If it was "How much should I charge to shoot a wedding?" Fotoquote won't answer that. Figure out your cost of doing business: http://www.nppa.org/professional_developme...cdb/cdbcalc.cfm Then read up on the Wonderful Machine Real World Estimates from APhotoEditor: http://www.aphotoeditor.com/category/pricing-negotiating/ Then maybe go to some pro photographers Photoshelter accounts and try to license a photo from them, and see what it costs: http://brad.photoshelter.com/search-page
  2. mikejl29

    Backup Solutions

    Chronosync. I set it to run a nightly backup, that way in case I screw something up during the day, it won't be written to the backup quite that fast.
  3. mikejl29

    College Portfiolio

    Great lens to have for sure, but I don't know that I would rent one for a week to try and make portfolio photos. It may take more than a week of going out a shooting to get portfolio worthy high school sports photos. I'd be out there every day shooting now, and understanding if I really need that 300.
  4. mikejl29


    Yeah a lens has a sweet spot around f/13-f/16 usually. But the shallowest of DOF, allowing the most light in, happen at a wide open aperture. However, you may notice a lens is not as sharp in general at f1.8 as it is at f2.8 for example. Purple fringing will happen with lower grade lenses (and higher grade lenses, to a lesser extent on average) when shooting at a large aperture like 1.4/1.8 set against a blown out background.
  5. mikejl29

    Post Your Setup!

    D700, D2X 10.5, 12-24, 28-70, 50, 70-200, 300 2.8 24 1.4 and 85 1.4 on loan Ranger RX AS, SB-800s, Vivitar 285s, PWII Millions of cords, cables, connectors, chargers, flash cards, a beauty dish, a softbox, lightstands, tripods, gimbals, backpacks, hard cases and filters. Shot on the GoPro.
  6. mikejl29

    New Website

    http://w3schools.com/ for HTML help.
  7. mikejl29

    New Website

    A few points for you. -Why only 425 pixels tall? Who is your intended audience and how much of their screen do you plan to take up with photos? Im above the average user with 2560x1440, but I can barely see photos. -There's very little text. I guess some people prefer not to have captions, but not having anything more than an email would be annoying. Depends on your audience I suppose, but google is never going to find you. Along with that, none of your <title> or <meta> tags are filled out. Or <title> tags on images. -17 skate, 6 lifestyle and 4 portraits... and most of the 'lifestyle' look like portraits to me. -I'd drop your homestead hosting and pay the $5-12 a month for real hosting on a shared server... but that's a personal preference to me. Can clean up your HTML, get FTP access and unlimited hosting and bandwidth.
  8. mikejl29

    Nikon Lenses

    Bower 650-1300mm f8-16 MF - $300 @ B&H. You said you like zoom lenses, do you mean lenses that zoom, or telephoto lenses. You've got 28-300mm, are you looking for a wide or a telephoto, and how much money do you have to spend?
  9. mikejl29

    Alien Bee

    The Ranger does have another charger brick... but only half of it is proprietary. The other half is a standard computer AC power cable. If I wanted to bring this and a Ranger on a shoot, I'd be out of luck on the charger situation. While I don't personally think its necessary to impress your clients in the studio (guys like Dave Hill use Alien Bee a lot) you could argue that this: is slightly more awesome than
  10. mikejl29

    Alien Bee

    Broncolor and Briese if you want to impress. I'll wait to see this thing actually hit the market... downside for me so far: - What kind of charger socket is that... great, another power cable to travel with. - Its a rendering... where's the real thing? - Einsteins, Vagabonds and PLMs all had issues with v1. I just wish I could get Li-Ion in my Ranger pack.
  11. mikejl29

    Senior Portraits

    Get paid up front, or 50% to hold the date and 50% on the date of the shoot. I do that for all my wedding clients and it's been working out well. I shot a few senior portraits when I was a senior and made bank. CD of edited photos and was doing $300 a shoot plus expenses and food. Don't charge $50. By the time you charge your batteries and get to the shoot... then press the shutter button 50 times.... you won't break even.
  12. mikejl29


    http://www.gigapan.org/gigapans/48492/ That one of Dubai was a 7D with a 100-400mm @ 400mm. 45 Gigapixels http://www.davidbergman.net/blog/how-i-mad...ugural-address/ The President's Inaguration was a Canon G10. 1.4 Gigapixels. How many Gigapixels do you need and what is the desired finished product... those would be my questions. There wouldn't be much of a point unless you were printing it over 5 feet tall and 10 feet wide as a rough estimate. Or were you planning to put it on a computer for people to control themselves?
  13. Turns out it was a blown clutch release bearing. $1600, new clutch, machined flywheel and I'll be back on the road. Unfortunately need the car back for work ASAP, so no time to performance parts and shopping around for someone to do it cheaper. Here ya go stealership. Nissan Cube rental is a piece of shit, but the dealer is covering it.
  14. Hoping some SP Car Gods can try to give me an over the internet diagnosis. Started hearing a bit of whine from what I thought was the serp belt the other day. Randomly driving today, not pushing it, start feeling some odd vibrations in the clutch when depressing it. Progressively gets worse with some loud whining happening as well. Was getting variable revolutions as I was letting it out. Pushing the clutch in or out, get the whining, especially when letting the clutch out into first. As I was babying it home, it seems to have partially fixed itself where the variable revs have left, but the loud whine is still there. Sounds like I'm driving a plastic wind up toy. I'm thinking it could be a syncro, slave cylinder or input shaft??? ... 2 weeks ago I still had grip in 5th and 6th on the clutch, so I'm not convinced its that. 2005 Toyota Corolla. 2zz-ge. C60 transmission. 97,000KMs. Stock clutch. Don't know clutches and transmissions well enough... and don't want a Blinker Fluid replacement. Obviously going to a shop tomorrow regardless.
  15. mikejl29

    Photographers Checklist

    In terms of packing up, I always make sure I have those little adapters (Kaiser, Manfrotto Umbrella Mount or personal favourite Nikon AS-19) to get my flash hotshoe to a lightstand.