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  1. scamper

    Downsides To Vx's?

    Nobody has stated the obvious fact that they're about 20 years old and like any electronic device with moving parts, they have a finite life. There are guys who still repair them but seeing as how they're so old, you won't really know how many issues you'll run into down the road until you actually run into them. Worn out heads, broken circuit boards, screws coming loose and shorting things out inside, buttons wearing out and not working, etc. People still love the picture they put out but they certainly are one of the least reliable options you have.
  2. scamper

    Best Production Company For Filming In Nepal

    You're looking in the wrong place for that kind of advice.
  3. scamper

    How To Make Crappy Looking Intro Credits.

    Scanning it is really the way to do it, recording a video or taking pictures of some sheets of paper won't have the same clarity. If that's really not possible I would shoot it in a well lit area and boost the contrast in post to make the background completely white. From there you can do whatever you want pretty much.
  4. scamper

    Switch Tapes? Vx1000

    FWIW, I used to run panasonic tapes in cameras that usually saw premiums all the time and I think I only experienced one dropout that was a problem. Manufacturers resolved this issue a long ass time ago. That said, it'll definitely be cheaper to buy in bulk.
  5. scamper

    Mk1 Lens Defect?

    Wipe it all the time how, and with what?
  6. You sure that it's not an indicator for a light meter or something? In any case I highly doubt it would show up on the film.
  7. scamper

    Hmc40 Life Span

    They have no moving parts other than the zoom lens, they should last a while as long as you don't mishandle it. Not like there's a tape deck that needs maintenance once it hits a certain mark.
  8. scamper

    Lookin For Some Suggestions

    Yes, 43-46 step up. If you have an external mike for your DSLR I'd hang onto it.
  9. scamper

    Lookin For Some Suggestions

    They pop up on ebay fairly frequently for around 200.
  10. scamper

    Lookin For Some Suggestions

    FC-E9 on an HMC40 looks better than any HD fisheye combo I've seen in my estimation. Besides which, don't you want something just for using WITHOUT a fisheye?
  11. scamper

    Vx1000 Colours

    Everything about this is extremely retarded.
  12. scamper

    The Filming Netjiot

    Sounds like the battery could be dying. Initially I thought it would just get really dim if that were the case but there might be a circuit that cuts the light off once the battery drops below a certain voltage to prevent the cells from getting damaged. I don't know, I never owned or used that light, but that would be my guess. Does it do the same thing when you have it on the 10w setting?
  13. scamper

    The Filming Netjiot

    Is it completely cutting out after 10 seconds or does it start to dim down?
  14. scamper

    The Filming Netjiot

    Speaking strictly regarding your video, I think the main issue isn't how crisp or sharp it is. You could definitely use some improvement there but that skatepark is pretty devoid of any color and you pretty consistently underexposed by 1/3 to 1/2 a stop. To me that's what takes away from the way the picture looks more than any compression issues.