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  1. neener


    I didnt like the softness of the first at first but I kept looking at it and now it has a romatic feeling to it.
  2. neener

    Train To Santa Barbara

    + + + Bonus Bonus
  3. neener

    Seattle Street

    Feeling pretty good for once. Let's hear it. + + + 1 2 3
  4. neener


    Really dont know whats going on but its very pleasing to look at. Wish there was a little more of the person at the bottom but still good.
  5. neener

    Buntzen Lake

    holy, that bonus!
  6. neener

    Cross Process

    It's Provia 400X. I set out with the intention of having the roll cross processed but after I shot it I really thought about whether to cross process or not. I've had 100 x-pro'd before but I also pushed it two stops, the results were more favorable for sure. I guess I didnt the body positiong too much into account in the second. Im glad no one has complained about the trash can since it bugged me and I don't like to crop. The third could have been better as well, another timing problem. Right as I hit the shutter a kid popped up to look at me from behind his/her mom. I reshot the tree twice when I went out last night and plan on doing a couple more. Thanks for the awesome reply.
  7. neener

    Cross Process

    Not much I could do about the guy since it was her dad. She turned around and reached her hand out for him but I somehow hit the shutter too early. Second is a small park with apartments in the back that dont really work. Off to the side was some guy taking sequences of a palm tree behind me. I guess I could have had him in there but what was behind him kinda sucked (the apartments). thank you though.
  8. neener

    Cross Process

    I think lately I'm doing better shooting vertical than horizontal. + + + jag will be re-shot light vette
  9. neener

    Luma Full Video

    The intro was weird, it felt like it was going somehwere and then just stopped on a shot of some bushes. The connecting lines effect is really fucking cool though along with the intros and titles. I dunno if it's the rig you have but you seem to be off axis sometimes (tilting too far left or right) and it gets a little dizzying.
  10. neener

    [bmx] Timo - Double Peg Rail

    "Unrideable"? He's on a bike.
  11. neener


    Thanks guys. _bum i know what you're saying and why I called it "?". I just like looking at it for some reason. Mike, I was gonna post that one but decided not to because of the grain. I think I was rushing to get the shot and left it at f/8. Midwest, same.
  12. neener

    New Shit

    second is cool. reminds me of the intro to seb abes old video.
  13. neener


    I never do them but I want to try more now. + + Red ?
  14. neener

    Basketball Action-portrait-hybrid

    Bet he saw a really big spider and stopped dribbling. Is that what happened?
  15. neener

    Demarquis Mcdaniels

    Hell yes, I've filmed with Demarquis before. He kills, awesome style.