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  1. Going to be in Long Beach mid Jan. Hoping some of this stuff is in the area. Thanks in advance.
  2. chrizzles


  3. chrizzles

    Pay Attn.

    I haven't edited for a while so I made this short throwaway montage last night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9y7ouBelOs&feature=g-all-lik
  4. Hey guys, been a while. I premiered this video earlier this year and just put it online today. Check it out if you get a chance... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL2HRly56CM&feature=g-all-lik
  5. chrizzles

    Dalton Jones North Coast Part

    thanks all. bump
  6. chrizzles

    North Coast Dvds

    Dalton Jones' Part
  7. Hey guys, I recently put out my first full length video. This is the second part I've put online so far. Copies are available at http://northcoast.bigcartel.com/ for $10+$2 shipping anywhere in the US. enjoy
  8. chrizzles

    North Coast Dvds

    Andrew Ellison's part.
  9. This is the first part I'm posting from my new video, North Coast. Available for $10 (+$2 shipped anywhere in the USA) at http://northcoast.bigcartel.com/ The video runs 25 min. along with 35 min. of bonus raw footage.
  10. chrizzles

    North Coast Dvds

    We went to Rochester a year or two ago but didn't find many spots. Tried the Mayo Clinic but got the boot quick so we spent most of the day at the plaza.
  11. chrizzles

    North Coast Dvds

    nobody likes skate videos?
  12. chrizzles

    North Coast Dvds

    Hey guys, I've just finished up my first full length video and it's set to premiere this weekend. (The flyer is below for anyone in the area.) The video costs $10 (+$2 shipped anywhere in the USA). International orders email me at burtc7@gmail.com and we can work something out. You can check out the most recent promo here: And the first one right here: There's a bunch more info in the webstore right here: http://northcoast.bigcartel.com/ http://northcoast.bigcartel.com/ http://northcoast.bigcartel.com/ http://northcoast.bigcartel.com/ Thanks!
  13. chrizzles

    North Coast Premiere

    Hey guys the webstore is up. You can purchase copies for $10 (+$2 shipped anywhere in the USA) If you want a copy but don't in the US you can send me an email at burtc7@gmail.com and we'll work something out. http://northcoast.bigcartel.com/ thanks!
  14. chrizzles

    North Coast Premiere

    Yes indeed. I've got a little site ready to go, just waiting to get paid and make some copies. Hopefully in about a week I can take some pre-orders.