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  1. timfosho

    Mk2 Century Optics Fish Eye

    Pending sale
  2. timfosho

    Wtb Century Optics Mk1 / Mk 2

    I have a mk2 bayo for vx2k or pd150
  3. timfosho

    Mk2 Century Optics Fish Eye

  4. Hey haven't used this in years but looking to let go of my mkii fish eye. Haven't filmed in years and it's just sitting around. I'd rather let someone buy it and put it to use. Great condition for Sony vx2k/pd150 Here's my link to my eBay post. Can't figure out how to upload pictures right off my phone
  5. Hey guys, haven't been on here in years but, I'm here today trying to sell my century optics mk2 death lens. Very nice condition no scratches, It's a bayo mount looking for best offer, so offer away! Also have a vx2k that i'm willing to part with if anyone is interested. It could use a nice tune up and a new ribbon cable or a cleaning of the cable. Offer away on that as well if you're interested. Can't figure out how to upload some damn pictures so pictures upon request till i get some up.
  6. sony vx200 mk2 like new death lens for sale!

    1. timfosho


      Still want to sell a mint mk2! hit me up!


  7. timfosho

    Wtb: Iphone 4 Or 4s

    how much are you looking to pay? I have a 4 mint 8gb
  8. So i had to move out to bozeman for a few months and shit trying to see if there is anything good around here. let me know
  9. timfosho

    Selling New Ipod Classic

    still not sold, highest offer is 100
  10. timfosho

    Selling New Ipod Classic

    ^best offer gets it! before bed bump. come on guys need cash to pay off my mk2 i just bought lol
  11. timfosho

    Selling New Ipod Classic

    best offer is 50 anyone can beat that it's yous. get at me.
  12. timfosho

    Dslr Handles. Z-rig

    Shits super gnarly if i had a slr too i would get one. free bump
  13. timfosho

    Selling New Ipod Classic

    have a nice 120gb ipod i need to get rid of asap it's still pretty minty let me get some offers!
  14. Are you still making some? just bought my third mk2 off ebay last night, kids has not answered if it's bayo or not yet, but good chance i'm going to need one. Wanted to make sure this is still happening lol.
  15. timfosho


    looks gnarly as fuck. Good job