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  1. Got bored with photography, started making videos, got bored with making videos. Fast forward like a year without hardly taking any photos/videos... I spent a month on and off in December '17 helping a few people on a canoe/row boat/raft trip down the Mississippi River from a couple hours north of St. Louis all the way down to the gulf. They shot a lot of photos and 8mm film and it inspired me to stop being so petty when it comes to being "bothered" with carrying a camera around. Ever since that trip, I've had my T4 with me everywhere and have been stacking up undeveloped film and getting it developed in chunks when I have the money. I don't do anything with it but keep it at home for myself, but then again, taking photos for other people is boring anyway.
  2. sos

    Random Photo Discussion

    I have never sent a camera in an envelope, much less an unpadded one. I know for a fact that is 100% false. Next time, try saying something at the time you got the camera instead of passive aggressively whining about it behind my back. Still a dumb video.
  3. sos

    Random Photo Discussion

    Somebody on here made a video smashing a T4 I sold them that had issues. That was a dumb video.
  4. sos

    Random Photo Discussion

    This is a good idea. Like somebody should develop a sort of "message board" where people post things related to a particular topic and then others respond to it instead of having one long single thread of interwoven conversations. I bet you could really do something with that.
  5. sos

    Trips coming up?

    I'm in Hawaii for my first time ever right now. Then I'm going to LA for a few days, which I do semi-frequently lately. I do my best to avoid St. Louis at all costs during the winter. Single digit temps are not my thing anymore.
  6. sos

    Random Photo Discussion

    Ay dawg, nah. That ain't for here, bruh.
  7. Who said I was talking to you?
  8. Still taking photos. Still a programmer. Still an asshole.
  9. sos

    Random Photo Discussion

  10. sos

    Random Photo Discussion

    Poem perception?
  11. sos

    Random Photo Discussion

    this old thing
  12. sos

    Random Photo Discussion

    Less than that
  13. sos

    Yashica T4 D

    It is, actually. I've been using it a bunch but it's still technically for sale.