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  1. El Gato Negro

    it's been a while

  2. El Gato Negro

    To bring it back

    oh yes, the first one stands out, great job.
  3. El Gato Negro

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    I hope you don't mind the lurkers but here's mine: @fredferand
  4. I have one ( euro frequency) if you're interested...
  5. receiver... received ! thanx Andrew !
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a pocketwizard receiver, is yours still for sale ? let me know, thank you Fred
  7. El Gato Negro

    Fs: Tons Of Crap

    hello... 500$ for the pw's paypaled and shipped to France
  8. El Gato Negro

    Wtb: Cybersyncs Or Pw's

    cybersyncs for sale on photography on the net I'm also on the hunt fer pw's that's why I stumble on cybersync's classifieds ...
  9. El Gato Negro

    Wtb: Cybersyncs Or Pw's

    someone is selling receivers on sportsshooter... here
  10. El Gato Negro

    Fs: Pocketwizards, 285hv

    hi, I'm looking for PW's, check your PM's ...
  11. El Gato Negro

    Fs: 4 Pocketwizard Plus Ii's

    well, thank you for letting me know and good for you. I'm still on the hunt... if anyone has 3 pw's for sale please contact me.
  12. El Gato Negro

    Fs: 4 Pocketwizard Plus Ii's

    I take it if it's still for sale, I also sent you a flickrmail, paypal is ready.