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  1. VX1000 color/shadow problem

    nice toronto spots, though.
  2. what's up with your website?

    love freeloveoneteaspoon and sweet-dream! I feel that you can have both if you want. if a series stands out on its own then you can separate it. as an artist with series you would have those galleries, and for clients looking to hire you maybe have more commercial galleries that are easier for them to ingest to get a quick idea of what youre about. or have just one portfolio that is a best of all of your photos for that reason instead of portraiture, landscape, etc. killing it tho!
  3. what's up with your website?

    don't see a point in writing the camera you used (a7r) and the portrait of your girlfriend stood out (in a bad way, because there were no other portraits). you should try to separate the initial emotional experience of shooting and edit your work down to the best of the best.
  4. April.

    Yeah this is definitely a look best saved for b-roll/cutaway/intro shots.
  5. The Large Format Thread

    friend had borrowed a sinar rail camera from school and they finally asked for it back after months LOL EDIT: clarification, he's been graduated for 2 years now and they've took out shooting 4x5 from their curriculum at least 4 years ago. first year when i was there was 4x5 black and white with some digital and 2nd year colour theory and business (simplifying obviously)
  6. Site Issues

    Is there any way to optimize the site to load faster? like emptying the cache up in this bitch? i feel like something is slowing it down because its not my internet. maybe its how feature rich the site is? or some old threads need to be archived or deleted? doing awesome work steve! glad to be back.
  7. Chevy Bash

    sickkkkkkkkk! love it i wouldn't have just tilted it to the right so it was level and maybe move a little to the left.
  8. Panasonic HMC150 for sale

    duuuuuude you’re tempting me so bad. do you need a canon 8-15mm?
  9. John Young Gems 2018 - Contest Edit

    what i meant by make it look its best is that its super exciting and scary to do tricks sometimes! so put that energy into the filming as much as the skater does, channel their energy and it'll also be exciting for the viewer. these angles were steady but just kind of, 'okay that happened'.
  10. John Young Gems 2018 - Contest Edit

    reminded me of a thrasher skatepark meet up video and what i mean by that is that it was good but predictable. i know this was a contest but it was very document-y. skateparks are where you experiment with filming, try new things, because you can fuck up and its not that big of a deal and you learn a lot. just force yourself out of the mold sometimes and film a trick to make it look its best. also wasn't into the font choice. okay song. hope this helps!
  11. LUCY - Montage

    lol im guessing its because sp has the word forums in it but thats funny. your shutter speeds are way too slow and the lens was often filthy (gotta check the camera, and front and back of the mark 1). songs were good, vibes of the homies were fun too, but theres a lot that could be finessed. just like general shakiness that can be helped through practice and planning out the shots with your skaters. also the slow shutter b-roll stuff worked sometimes but not every time. your light doesn't seem bright enough especially to be filming something like at 1:38 but it was probably off the cuff filming (this is where not using that clip comes in, video could be half the length and 2x better). skipped to the end of the video and saw more of the same kind of stuff i was talking about. another gripe is that the footage is really blue. hope you take some of this to heart but its just my opinion too and im not perfect. hope to see more in the future! on the right path
  12. 4:3 HD - Montage

    thought this might be relevant in terms of frame sizes. gh5s with the 0.64x speed booster would be mega
  13. Action packs 400ws vs compact flash

    also props for shooting skating/anything on 4x5 its rare these days. have a portfolio/website?
  14. Action packs 400ws vs compact flash

    1/220-1/10,100 sec and also the trigger uses highspeed sync. i know on my alien bee's their peak duration is when they are at full power (opposite of speedlites) so do some more research to see if thats the case for these.
  15. Action packs 400ws vs compact flash

    look into godox's options. they have two types of 600ws battery powered strobes. really competitive with profoto.