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  1. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Fs: Random Gear

    Haven't posted here in years, here goes, Need to get rid some some things I just don't wear. All Black G-Shock digital watch Rubber wrist band, Never worn. Comes in box, with velcro wallet. Still has the tag, bought for $150, will sell and ship for $100. Also FS: XL Volcom Navy Blue Troop Jacket. Im 160, 5'10" and the things huge on me. Brand new, never worn, tags still on. Bought for $140, will sell and ship for @100
  2. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Any Leads On Charitable Brands?

    I have, those are extremely few and far between in this area, but thanks for the input
  3. Whatsup guys, I haven't posted here in years. Long story short I'm hosting a United Way fundraiser skate jam at the only indoor park where i attend college in PA. The scene around here is sometimes weak as hell, and were working on that. The question is, does anyone have experience or know of any larger name brands that have been known to be charitable or to donate product for a cause? Not even looking for anything too much. I could really use some leads or ideas as i start collecting sponsors. Hate easy
  4. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Fake Inspirational Quotes

    why do something when you know your not going to do it anyway.
  5. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Skateboarders Using 9/11 Memorial As Ramp

    thats so disrespectful, i would never consider skating that
  6. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    What To Do When Your Bored

    take mental pictures of all the hot and slutty girls in class, save them for later, youl need em.
  7. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    What Websites Do You Go On Most?

    facebook sp the berrics skateboarding.com lax.com youtube pornhub netflix
  8. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Christmas Presents

    christmas: macbook clothes money Birthday 2 weeks later: money money severed heads
  9. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Spring Semester

    World Lit Psychology Drawing II 3D Design Intermediate Photo
  10. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Four Loko

    nope. i cant drink this shit its awful and unamerican. drink a beer.
  11. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Mamiya Medium Format

    solid ass camera. dunno anything about the 645 but go for it.
  12. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Favorite Beer

    has never done me wrong.
  13. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Fine Bibbbbbbs

    boobs vagina AHHHHHH
  14. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Fine Bibbbbbbs

    gettin it done
  15. Coolrunnings500@aol.com

    Accepted Into College Thread

    i got into marywood university and RIT but they both look soooooo fucking beat so i dont know what im going to do. might do CC.