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  1. Thanks for your help... That doesn't answer either of my questions. If I had my other P2 cards I would have shot everything in 720/60p. But, I didn't. So, I just need to know how to capture it, but I am 90% positive its DV NTSC Widescreen 48k. If you want to help a brotha out, just tell me how to capture it correctly. I got the rest figured out. Or you can move on and ignore this.
  2. I have some footage I shot with my HVX200. It was shot at 480i/60i with the squeeze option on (NO letterbox). So my questions are: 1. What are the correct timeline settings/capture method for this footage. Is it DV NTSC widescreen, or DVCPRO50 NTSC widescreen? Or do you capture it in 4:3 because it is not really widescreen? Read about this somewhere and trying to get this cleared up so I can get the footage imported/exported and back out to where it needs to go. 2. What is going to happen when I mix 720p/60p footage with this? I will have to de-interlace the 480i/60i clips... correct? I am second guessing myself. I feel like I should know all this. Thanks
  3. SkateTexas

    Fs: Dvx100a + Opteka + Accessories

    It's SOLD to a local who needed a cam. All I have to say is SD cards from now on. I suggest it to all of you.
  4. Can you plug in a rode external video mic with this camera? very interested!
  5. SkateTexas

    Fs Canon T3i

    As soon as you get some pictures I am very interested. Looking to pick up a t3i setup for a while. PMd.
  6. Looking for a t3i + opteka setup specifically. Or any HD video camera that has an SD card option that shoots in HD. No more tape for me. If the cam records tape and sd thats fine too. If you have something available please PM me or email tweakrabbit@gmail.com. Got a pretty wide price range to work with. I know there are a lot of options available. Thanks. - Travis
  7. For sale I have a DVX100a with an Opteka fisheye and 3 batteries + charger. Also comes with a Tamrac bag. 350 obo + shipping if needed. Paypal or Money Order only please. Thanks. PM me or send mail to tweakrabbit@gmail.com.
  8. SkateTexas

    Fs/ft: Vx1000 + Accessories

    Traded sorry man.
  9. I have a VX1000 English Version, 2 Batteries and Charger for SALE or TRADE. The tape heads have been refurbished and ribbon cable has been replaced less than two tapes ago. Only used sony premium tapes since I have owned it. I unfortunately don't have any footage because my external crashed. (The VX was my backup camera and all that footage was on the external.) All I have is DVX footage on my laptop. The lens is crystal clear, as I take care of all my equipment and know the importance of upkeep, especially on the VX1000. Only thing missing is the lens hood. To make up for that, I can throw in a Tamrac camera bag. Pictures below. Thanks for looking, Travis (SkateTexas)
  10. SkateTexas

    Fs: Fx7 And Mk2

    PMed hit me back. I can have money in my paypal account asap.
  11. SkateTexas

    Wtb: 13.3'' Macbook

    I got a fully loaded mac PM me we can talk price. Its the white 13.3 upgraded as far as possible. All programs on it as well.
  12. SkateTexas

    Fs: Sony Vx2k

    how much are you trying to get. i dont want to lowball but it looks like its been used pretty good.
  13. SkateTexas

    Fs: Gs320 / Baby Death

    apparently its sold
  14. SkateTexas

    Fs: Gs320 / Baby Death

    pefect. spacers and case included