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  1. the red and blue color thing has always stumped me as to why it looks like shit. thanks so much for this!
  2. lilford

    Vx2000 Bayo Mark2 Spaced

    trust me, he knows a lot more than you do..
  3. lilford

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    century did make a new bayo.. century was having people send their lenses in to get a bayo replacement..
  4. lilford

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    ummm no.. seeing as century sells them for 150 from them..
  5. lilford

    New Fisheye

    yuppppp search button- demon fisheye
  6. lilford

    How To Get A Little More Out Of Your Batteries

    hey, i did this last night....my batt said 101 min i shook the battery and then put it back on and it charged a bit more...thanks
  7. fuck that man, odi longnecks all the way...haha
  8. lilford

    Vx2_00 Audio Settings

    thanks alot, i did it with my trv950...