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  1. sheckler360

    Rip Eric Joneckis

    Same. Huge bummer. Brought back a lot of fond SP memories though. Shit was like a nightclub for me back in the day
  2. sheckler360

    True To This

    fucking sucked. cant believe i sat through that terrible surfing nonsense
  3. sheckler360

    Help A Brotha Out With A Vote!

    damn that dude in last place is really sick. 132 votes gettin no love
  4. sheckler360


    Shawn Powers
  5. sheckler360

    Capturing Black Spots

    i mean im sure its the camera and not the computer cuz my other capture camera worked fine, but is there anything i can do to fix the dropouts?
  6. sheckler360

    Capturing Black Spots

    the black spots are the entire screen, sorry i didnt specify that. it flashes black. and yeah its occuring with every tape.
  7. alright so my capture camera got stolen a couple weeks ago and i finally got a new one and sat down to capture some tapes. i went through a bunch of bullshit to get a charger for it and finally got it to charge and shit, and i plugged it in and started playing back and it plays perfectly on the camera, but in fcp it plays with black spots showing really fast in the clips like all skippy and every time theres a black spot it splits the clip. the black spots happen 2-3 times a second. the worst part about this is that i borrowed my friends capture camera before i got my own and the same thing happened. I dont know what to do i thought about buying a head cleaner, but seeing as though it plays perfectly on the camera i feel like that will do no good. help i cant capture shit and i dont want to keep buying things to try to fix it. anyone got any ideas?
  8. Anyone seen it? I just ordered it a couple hours ago and haven't heard shit about if its good or not.
  9. sheckler360

    Pretty Sweet

    who all did not have full parts?
  10. That sucks I've been really diggin Gravis lately.
  11. sheckler360

    Bake And Destroy Riot

    Its coming in the december one not the next one.
  12. Super hyped I'll be at the premier forsure. All the SECs have been good shit. Who did that gap to 5-0 at the end?
  13. sheckler360

    Fine Skate Clips Thread