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  1. Those things are gorgeous. Conversion is way pricey, though. Why in hell would you do such a thing?
  2. every fox body i've ever seen has either been riced out, rusted, or riding on drag radials. i've never seen a clean or modest one.
  3. I could've sworn I'd seen you post a Phoenix Yellow one, guess not. But congrats on the Type R, now go get an alarm system.
  4. they're pretty ugly, if you ask me. one guy around here has his tuned to 381fwhp/424tq, but he's also a cop and pulls people over in it....
  5. bolarkin

    D3 Tribute Thread

    i had a pair of these for my first skate shoes. close enough.
  6. terrible for me, because i've had two tickets. i'm not sure what it was before then.
  7. bolarkin


    i think that's the cashier at a nearby cvs that told me about swordfighting gatherings a few miles outside of town...
  8. i love it, for the most part. it has a good bit of potential, especially since hondata just dropped an engine management system. and it's a really fun car to drive, even with the lack of torque. it's a great lil i-4.
  9. bolarkin

    Tarantula Trux

    i wasn't too far off. i couldn't stand to watch the video, or read whatever part of the article lists the price.
  10. http://www.myvalleynews.com/story/39327/ seems like they'd break really easily and would really get in the way. i'd also imagine them costing 90 bucks or some shit. who knows.
  11. bolarkin


    i might get to drive this thing soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uJWFO7kH28 pretty excited.