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  1. Jackson

    Where Is Sgat

    He's dead.
  2. Jackson


    His vouch monkeys are gonna get you.
  3. Jackson

    Jackson's Arm

    Deal with it.
  4. Jackson


    You've got nothing to worry about. If not in a week or two, you'll forget about it once you've graduated.
  5. Total accident, brah.
  6. Jackson

    Ted Williams

    Although I'm not inbred enough to share my feelings through a youtube video, this man makes many good points.
  7. Jackson

    Ted Williams

    I fucking hate Ted Williams. He's an alcoholic druggie felon scumbag, who left his blind wife to raise their kids on her own. There are tons of people who are homeless and struggling for much more legitimate reasons, such as the mentally disabled, struggling veterans, or single parents who left battering relationships, but we don't give a fuck about them, do we? BUT OH TED HAS A COOL VOICE COME ON AND HE'S HOMELESS OH GOD LETS BE GOOD PEOPLE, LET'S GIVE EVERYONE SECONDS CHANCES BLAH BLAH. Also, there are plenty of people who've gone to school for this shit and have just as good if not better voices than him, but they're hard working people who don't have some sob story, so nobody gives a shit. I'll fucking punch Ted Williams in the fucking throat.
  8. Jackson


    and those birds died. The world's fucking ending.
  9. Jackson


  10. Once every blue moon. I second this. That was incredibly strange of you. And this is incredibly irrelevant to the current conversation. Just sayin'.
  11. Jackson

    Ps3 Slim Help/question?

    oh man how'd you know?! edit:
  12. Any Sober Dudes Up In Here?=Any Druggies Up In Here? You guys are silly.