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  1. [quote name='Harvey' post='1585132' date='Mar 17 2007, 04:31 AM']That does look well wide, it seems a bit grainy and the quality doesn't appear to be the best. Maybe it was the lighting.[/quote] I know it looks grainy but its not the lens, the sun was going down were we were and that building next to us cast a big shadow on the stairs and then it looked even worse once i compressed it. Id post more footy with it but the only other footy i have with the lens is worse, but once i get more footage ill post it.
  2. [quote name='Levinth Hour' post='1582886' date='Mar 15 2007, 10:16 PM']^ I'm gonna agree. It's super inventive, don't get me wrong...but I feel like the regular MX3000 mod works just as well and is much less destructive/lebor intensive/ghetto. Sorry man, good try.[/quote] If the regular raynox mod was just as good i wouldnt have gone through all this trouble to do this, trust me, its sooo much wider and the vig looks better. I know its fuckin ghetto but trust me, IT WORKS. When i made the tutorial i didnt have any footy with this setup but now i do, you can be the judge of how good it looks, but i know that its close to perfection(in my opinion) and i am so happy with it, heres the link. [url="http://www.powow.com/toshz/OllieHandRailDI.mov"]http://www.powow.com/toshz/OllieHandRailDI.mov[/url]
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    "has This Song Been Used?"

    The Second half of Billy Marks part in Good And Evil
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    Bearings Going Mega Slow?

    what the hell ?! your not suposed to put metal in the microwave. Thats strange.....
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    Water Logged Boards

    why the hell would you even bother in going through all that effort to dry your board, you could just buy a new one, and if your low on cash you can buy a local skateshop brand board for usually around 20 dollars. How stupid are you to even think about putting your board in the dryer. Wow.