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  1. toshzayha

    Please Use Handrail

    damn, this is one of the first park shots iv actually enjoyed. the only thing i can complain about is its kinda tight on the right. just pan to the right a little and it would be good
  2. toshzayha

    Abandoned Baseball Fields

    i just feel like theyr very "point and shoot" it doesnt look like you took time to compose it or anything and the fact that they look crooked(to me) is starting to bug the shit out of me
  3. toshzayha

    Post Your Setup!

    my skate setup Bronica SQ-A w/ 45 degree prism 80mm 35mm fish 3x 120 backs polaroid back Sekonic L-358 Canon 1Ds 50mm f/1.4 16mm Zenitar Sunpak 120j w/ TR-PAK II 2x vivi 285 4x PW plus II all fit in an f.64 BPX extra large backpack
  4. toshzayha

    Gap To Front Board

    ahhh, so sick! i love it
  5. toshzayha

    Abandoned Baseball Fields

    thats such a sick spot! but as for a critique, i feel like theyr both very poorly composed. lighting on the first is dull but the second is pretty good, and they both look crooked to me
  6. toshzayha

    Would You Like To Buy These?

    price of T2?
  7. toshzayha

    Blurry Fisheye Photo

    ha what does being gay have to do with whether you can shred or not?
  8. toshzayha

    Fs/ft Nikon Sb-22

    if the hotshoe is chipped and wont stay on camera then wouldnt it not work mounted on a lightstand off camera either?
  9. sorry, no pics as of now, but can get some upon request canon 430exii speedlight: its seriously practically brand new. iv only used it a hand full of times and always took amazing care of it. only selling it because i hardly use it it comes with original box and everything that came with it when i bought it new, and also comes with a sto-fen omni bounce diffusion head(not pictured) asking somewhere around $230 im open to offers/ trades i also still have a canonet G-III QL 17 and yashica-C for sale/trade heres the thread http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?showtopic=222437
  10. please please please someone buy something! i also have a sunpak 522 for sale(no cord)
  11. everything is still for sale! please help me out
  12. toshzayha

    Feeler: Epson 4490

  13. toshzayha

    Feeler: Epson 4490

    well since i got a V700 coming in the mail (thank you sos!) i wanna sell my 4490, but im not sure whether i wanna deal with paypal and shipping and whatnot or just sell it locally on craigslist. so shoot me some offers and ill see what happens depending on the prices i get. the glass is good with the exceptions of some tiny scratches off to the side(the area where the film doesnt sit) that arent even really noticeable unless you look comes with original box and everything that came with it when it was brand new (film holders - 35mm and 120, software and both USB and power cables) i can put up pictures if you really want but id rather not deal with that shoot me offers!
  14. toshzayha

    Feeler: Epson 4490

    im pretty sure its going to taylor already, sorry. but ill post a price if the deal falls through
  15. toshzayha

    Feeler: Epson 4490

    bump come on...
  16. toshzayha

    Feeler: Epson V700

    just PM'd you
  17. toshzayha

    Feeler: Epson V700

    $475 shipped and paypal'd?
  18. toshzayha

    Feeler: Epson V700

    considering this ^ and thats with free shipping ill offer you $455 shipped and paypal'd and i have the money in my paypal right now so i can pay immediately
  19. toshzayha

    You Think You Have It All

    oh god. a bunch on teenagers(myself included) with ego trips bragging about how much gear they have... not good
  20. toshzayha

    Good Deals

    41 rolls of 35mm tmax 3200, 100, nph, nps, npz for $41 vivi 285 for $10 yashica-C for $20 2 canonets for $35 20 rolls of HP5+ and delta 100 for free 50 rolls of superia crap for free brand camera co. 4x5 cam for free VX1000 for free EDIT: forgot to mention i got an sx-70 for $2
  21. toshzayha

    Fred Durst?

    view large
  22. toshzayha

    Roof Gap

    ya, i think the tree makes it wayyyy better awesome shot!
  23. toshzayha

    Wts: Pw's Plus Ii Transceiver

    theyr $150 each brand new, and with the calumet student discount theyr $135 brand new... come on...
  24. eh, sorry but not interested in the sb trade. i would maybe do it for two of them its priced pretty high cuz i bought it new for $300 and its seriously brand new still, not a scratch on it. iv only used it a couple of time and always kept it in the protective case
  25. for what exactly? just the speedlight?