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  1. Selling both my Pentax 6x7 and Leica Minilux


    Pentax 6x7 with mirror lock up, metered prism, 105mm f/2.4, 55mm f/4, original Pentax strap and custom wood grip.

    Body has paint wear on bottom and back and meter has minor dents on top that were there when I bought it. Has no affect on camera or TTL prism. Purely cosmetic. Glass on both lenses are flawless. Not a single mark anywhere.
    Camera works great, never had any problems with it whatsoever.


    $600 OBO + shipping


    Heres my craigslist post with pictures




    Leica Minilux with 40mm f/2.4 Summarit lens.

    Great little camera with amazing lens. Body is in great shape with very minor scratches here and there and glass is flawless.

    Works great.


    $250 OBO + shipping


    Heres my craigslist post with pictures




    I live in LA so if anyone who lives here as well and is interested id rather meet up in person to avoid shipping.


    If you want to reach me more quickly please email me at toshzayha@gmail.com because I don't come on here that often.






  2. Photo2013-03-03120530AM.jpg






    asking $80 shipped but open to offers. comes with neck strap and a fresh battery.








    also asking $80 shipped but open to offers. comes with neck strap, original case and a fresh battery.




    asking $30 shipped but open to offers. comes with neck strap (not pictured) and fresh battery





    asking $30 shipped but open to offers. comes with wrist strap and fresh battery









    asking $20 shipped but open to offers. comes with original leather case, wrist strap and fresh batteries. as you can see a little rough around the edges but glass is perfect and functions perfectly.


    i might be open to trades depending on what you have but i am looking for 2 norman LH 2 Lampheads or something similar to work the 200b power pack. let me know

  3. Selling my user condition Stylus Epic with quite a bit of scratches on the front and back but glass is in perfect condition and everything works great. I removed the panoramic masks inside and the little knob on the outside. comes with neck strap, battery and ill throw in a fresh roll of kodak gold.

    $60 OBO. includes shipping


    Classic stylus in great condition with minor minor scratches and glass is in perfect condition. comes with neck strap and battery.

    $30 OBO. includes shipping
















  4. almost mint condition with the exception of a small scratch on the lcd screen. comes with everything in original box, kit 18-55mm lens, two 2GB sd cards and original warranty card never filled out. im the original owner and never really used it for photos only video so the actuation count is extremely low.


    im selling because i upgraded and now i need to pay rent this month so i need the money ASAP.


    ill sell it for $550 shipped



    ill post pics if interested.



  5. I have a black nikon fe2 setup that is in BGN condition I would say (wear on paint, brass showing through on some areas) and a 24mm 2.8, and a 50mm 1.4


    The only thing with the body is that when you put the multiple exposure lever on, it doesn't spring back after you take the picture. You have to manually push it back. Ive never done multiple exposures so I have never cared.


    The 50mm is nice, has some cleaning marks and a little dust in there, but takes beautiful photos. It has a professional engraving (it looks manufactured on there, engraved then painted) that reads D.S. Im not sure if its an Ai-s so lets call it an Ai


    The 24mm is sort of a beater lens, light cleaning marks I think it has some dust, and the focusing barrel is a little dry, if you spin it real fast it talks to you. It has its coupler for older F cameras removed. And I also think its just an Ai




    Whole set up $175 plus shipping and ppal fees


    Body only $75 plus shipping and ppal fees


    50mm $75 plus shipping and ppal fees


    24mm $50 plus shipping and ppal fees


    CONTACT ME AT van.gab.rob@gmail.com FOR A FASTER RESPONSE



  6. alright, so im looking to get ride of my pentax 6x7, it has the metered prism and mirror lock-up feature. its pretty beat up( heavy scratches on the bottom plate and dent on top of prism) but other than that it works great and iv never had any problems. the 105 is in good condition and the 55mm is in excellent condition. it literally looks brand new.


    ill sell the whole kit for $700


    the body with 105 for $400


    and just the 55 for 350


    the camera is at a friends house so i cant take pictures of it but ill be getting it back soon so when i do ill post pictures. please PM if your interested.


    also, im fairly negotiable on prices so message me and we can try to work something out

  7. so im trying to get rid of my bronica sq-a because i really need the money, iv posted it several times here before and everyone keeps falling through. everything is in really good condition with the exception of scratch on the focusing screen that is purely cosmetic. theres two 120 backs, a 90 degree prism and a 45 degree prism, an 80mm and a 35mm fisheye thats in good condition with the exception with a dent on one the side shades and some tiny hairline scratches on the front element.


    ill sell the 35mm separate but i wont split anything else. $850 for the 35mm

    and 450 for everything else.


    ill post pictures if people are interested, im just not at home right now.


    i need to sell this asap. please pm me if interested