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  1. JustSkate401

    Wtb: Vx1000 Batteries

    Looking to buy vx1000 batteries. E-mail me if you want to sell any- AiyoApparel@gmail.com PayPal is my preferred method of sending payment and I will pay on the spot.
  2. JustSkate401

    Space Crack (vx1mk1)

    yanatron rips at ripping
  3. bump.. can we get some actual critique on this? we put in a lot of hard work..
  4. JustSkate401

    Broken Vx1000 And Opteka Fisheye

    Split a battery? PM me
  5. JustSkate401

    Wtb: Old Skate Videos - Vhs & Dvd

    anyone got some older skate videos that they wouldnt mind letting go of? Specifically looking for Static I and Static II, but will consider others as well.
  6. JustSkate401

    Broken Vx1000

    still for sale? tried texting you....
  7. JustSkate401

    Wtb: Cheap Or Broken Vx1000

    Title says it all. Looking to buy a cheap or broken VX1000. No Japanese or PAL. Please provide pictures. Looking to pay via PayPal unless you are local to RI/MA area. Feel free to text or e-mail me, as I do not check this site very often. Contact Info: E-mail: AiyoApparel@gmail.com Text: (401)369-2267 Thanks, Steve
  8. Selling these brand new Floral's size 8.. Never even tried them on. Comes with OG box and extra laces... For more info, check out my ebay listing... http://www.ebay.com/itm/261212958720?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Shoot me an e-mail if you want them and I'll take down the listing to avoid fees... E-mail is : AiyoApparel@gmail.com Thanks
  9. JustSkate401

    Ft: Vx2000/mk1 Setup Fo Hd Setup

    Was planning on purchasing a Scared Bayo today from bayorings.com and I saw that you mentioned no splits, but if for some reason you've changed your mind... Let me know and I'll cop it right now...
  10. $500/paypal for just the VX?
  11. JustSkate401

    For Parts Or Repair: Vx1000/mk1 + More

    MK1 along with scared bayo are gone. VX is still up for grabs though.
  12. JustSkate401

    For Parts Or Repair: Vx1000/mk1 + More

    Mk1 is SOLD!
  13. JustSkate401

    For Parts Or Repair: Vx1000/mk1 + More

    MK1 pending to a few people.... But nothing is sold yet! Keep the offers coming, first one to pay (paypal preferred) is the one who takes it.
  14. JustSkate401

    For Parts Or Repair: Vx1000/mk1 + More

    I hit you back... MK1 Pending~