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  1. 360 Shuv Or Bigspin?

    Which one is worth more points in THPS?
  2. Is Your City's Skate Scene Dead?

    LA's not bad right now but it sure would be a hell of a lot better if every kid wasn't training for street league. Pretty depressing.
  3. What Size Board Do You Ride?

    twigs mini all day
  4. Bam's Losing Control Of His Life

    i wanted to post this too
  5. Pretty Sweet Vs. Bake & Destroy

    I like both because they are good
  6. Tre Flip Or Hardflip

    finally! been waiting for this thread
  7. Bake And Destroy Riot

    the next one is the december issue
  8. oh nice cyber comeback! love that.
  9. Almost - 5-Incher

    I like his DVS part more too. This part just made me laugh a lot.
  10. In London right now, any notable places to skate besides southbank?
  11. Nose Or Tail

    you can only tell by standing on it, not the graphic