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  1. Century Media

    Welcome Back - Read This First

    so good SP is back. been here since 2004 and now its 2018. we are still here!
  2. https://vimeo.com/46219078 Shot in Prague, Czech Republic over the weekend of the 18th Mystic Sk8 Cup 2012 on Sony PMW EX1 with Century Xtreme Fisheye and GoPro Hero2 Cameras. This was a great "Real" Skateboard Contest ! Music by Metallica "Orion" from the Album Master of Puppets Filmed & Edited by Johannes Meyer [ RESULTS ] Mens Street Top 5 1. Austen Seaholm $6000 USD 2. Ryan Decenzo $3000 USD 3. Tomas Stejskal $2000 USD 4. Roger Silva $1200 USD 5. Maxim Habanec $1000 USD Ladies Street Top 5 1. Alexis Sablone $2000 USD 2. Leticia Bufoni $1100 USD 3. Lacy Baker $800 USD 4. Aura Bredart $500 USD 5. Vanessa Torres $400 USD
  3. "Yux Split Croatia Tour 2011" http://www.vimeo.com/25331908 with Andreas Fugge, Alessandro Magnani, Mario Wirnsberger & Thomas Steinwender filmed & edited by Johannes Meyer Thanks for the good time! --> http://www.yuxskateboarding.com/ <-- music by: "Nisam Te Znao Voljeti" by Djelo Jusic "Galaxy Eight Two" by Makossa and Megablast "Kindheitserinnerungen" by Ital Visions
  4. Century Media

    Looking For Images

    I'm looking for images of the "Century Extreme HD Fish" (link) mounted or not mounted on HVX, HPX and EX1 cameras. if you have some pics somewhere or know some sources please let me know. BIG THAAANKS
  5. Century Media

    Looking For Images

    haha TY da playa... in the end he sold all his skate gear ---> http://skatefairy.com/pixie_dust.htm
  6. Philipp's hair is indeed gone, but no matter... See Philipp Skating Vienna in "Episode II" Thanks for any Feedback . . . Greez
  7. Century Media

    Looking For Images

    yeah nice, keep em' comin...
  8. Century Media

    Any Recomendations?

    look into my sig :goldenwub:
  9. Century Media

    Looking For Images

    hmmm, maybe. :goldenwub: can you post it?
  10. Century Media

    Any Recomendations?

    I would go for a vx2k/vx21. get yourself a bayoring, sell your Mk.II and get a Mk.I and your'e done :goldenwub:
  11. Century Media

    Philipp Schuster Episode Ii

    I shot it with 60f/sec greez
  12. Tuesday, June 2nd 2009, Starting at 3pm at Cineplexx Reichsbrücke. This is the Teaser for the upcoming Skateboard Event in Vienna, Austria. Watch it in HD: http://exposureroom.com/Slaughter or in SD on http://asvpteam.com hope you like it...
  13. Century Media

    Slaughter At The Cinema

    the zoom was done in postproduction!
  14. Flash Version: http://exposureroom.com/ScratchingSessions Scratching Sessions features Skateboard Techniques by Joachim Habart, Goran Medic, Bernhard Nessler, Severin Hendriks, Donovan Hofbauer, Christian Lems and Jacob Johnson Hello folks, just finished editing of my latest project this weekend and uploaded it to ER. used cameras: Sony EX1 and VX2000 with Mk II enjoy (by the way something went wrong with the sp forum topic title I just wanted to drop the Title "Scratching Sessions" :goldenwub: )
  15. Century Media

    Love And Focus

    very nice promo. thumbs up. did you use some colour grading software for some clips?
  16. http://exposureroom.com/members/CenturyMed...bea90a5dd75fca/
  17. Century Media

    Philipp Schuster Hd Episode 1

    did you know that he has started his own skateboard magazine? check this out: http://www.philippschuster.com/
  18. Century Media

    Ot: Boy Meets World

    just in black Maybach Excelero
  19. Century Media

    Burton Zoom Pack

    thats true
  20. Century Media

    Review: Panasonic Ag-hpx170p

  21. Century Media

    Are There Any Ex1 Users On Here?

    got a Q for the ex1 users in here: any good links, advices for "picture profiles"? just playing around with p. blooms and vortex settings! thx 4 help
  22. Century Media

    Burton Zoom Pack

    I got one for my vx2k. I love it its a great bag. in the end, you posted the link of the new BZP! mine is the first and smaller version so you have much more space to use for stuff.
  23. Century Media

    Best Camera Picture

    back in the dayz :goldenwub:
  24. Century Media

    Are There Any Ex1 Users On Here?

    yes, here :goldenwub: shown with my chrosziel mattebox and side wings
  25. Century Media

    The New Transworld Mag.

    higher resolution somewhere?