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  1. Aren't you in LA? I'm in Massachusetts. You would have regretted it, IMO. Finding a new gas tank is actually impossible since they are NLA from BMW. The guy I sold it to still hasn't found a tank as far as I know. A used tank would probably work but... Anyways, I hope you find a nice E28. My buddy just bought a clapped E28 M5 with a built motor, it's pretty hilarious.
  2. I sold it so cheap I could throw up just thinking about it. The guy I sold it to will most likely drive it into the ground too, I handed him a box of near impossible to find interior wood trims with no cracks in them and he said "what am I gonna do with these?" I'll buy another one in a couple years to S62 swap. I loved that car, it was the perfect daily driver. The fuel tank failed and finding another one was going to be a nightmare, plus I was sick of wrenching on the car and just wanted to drive something. The E46 is awesome, it's got so many creature comforts that I really like and handles so damn well. The downside is that this car has 48k and change on it right now, and is flawless - so I'm going to have to garage it for the winter. So I guess the answer is $2500. Thanks man! Of course.
  3. I had Turner Motorsport check out an Interlagos Blue E46 M3 ZCP for me today. Car was clapped beyond belief...it needed nearly $12,000 to sort it out. And even if that were done it was still in some sort of accident where the entire left side of the car was painted. Sucks for the current owner, he didn't seem to have any idea that ///M cars require more than oil/brakes, and he was told the car was never in an accident by the dealer that sold it to him. Poor guy looked like he was in deep when the service manager started tallying up what the car needed, I'm surprised the thing is still running.
  4. Subaru is running, BMW got a new rear bumper and windshield (will have the rest of it repainted...eventually). Need to post some pictures when I pick them both up, been away for the last two months.
  5. $370 for coilovers is scary. They make them for Subaru, BMW, VW, etc. I wouldn't put anything that cheap on my car for fear of it breaking and injuring myself or anyone else around me. The springs alone on my coilovers cost more than that...I don't even think you could have proper dampers rebuilt for $370. There is a reason that buying a full, new OEM setup would cost more than three times what it would to get a raceland setup, and that's quality. And, FWIW, I've heard of people failing tech at the track for having garbage parts like that on their cars.
  6. Not the greatest price. At $2k it will likely need all new front end bushings/links, new struts and top hats, valve cover gaskets, etc. These cars are not cheap to maintain (speaking from experience). Also, if it's an automatic, the transmissions have a tendency to die. Further, it's a 3.0L V8, you miss out on most of the torque and power of the 4.0L 540, but you still retain the abhorrent fuel economy. You'd really have to want an E34 530i to get one. Otherwise, go with a 540i/6 or a 525i. The 540i is an awesome highway cruiser, the 525 being a bit better around town on gas and more mod friendly. Either way, these are big luxury cars that were quite expensive new and the bills match. They're both bad. Crap dampers, poor quality top hats/camber plates, low quality springs, etc. Get something quality made like H&R, Bilstein, Ground Control, etc.
  7. Then your car doesn't make a lot of power. Even with a great diff and sticky tires anything making big power is undriveable if front wheel drive. Once you get near or over 400whp front wheel drive is not fun or easy to drive. Personally, I won't drive anything FWD with tons of power even when people offer, it's always sketchy. Cost? More than a newer car, but only because more things will break. Time? Yeah, you better have a lot of it.
  8. Most states require insurance, it is all third party though. So you pay your registration, taxes, etc to the state and then purchase insurance from a third party. The state will not allow you to register or drive your car without insurance.
  9. GnarMachine

    Asus Charging Port Is Broken

    Yes. Back it up. Chances are you will not be able to successfully back up your programs without cloning the drive. Without being a dick, it doesn't sound like you'll be able to clone it successfully anyways, just based on not being technically adept plus the fact that cloning PC drives never works well. Just ask Asus if you can send it in without the hard drive, then take out the hard drive. Put the hard drive back in when you get the computer back.
  10. GnarMachine

    2008 Macbook Or Custom Build

    That MacBook couldn't even render SD effectively.
  11. Stock? Man, I remember the first time I drove one of those, I thought it was fast as hell too. But yeah, those 5 speed transmissions are garbage. I shattered mine, got the 6 speed, and never looked back. My Subaru is in pieces, pictures/videos in the spring. This is going to be the first winter that I'm not sliding that thing all over the place. My BMW is also in pieces, gettin' all German NASCAR'd out (really it just needs maintenance work and to have the mufflers deleted). I'm currently banchin' an XV30 Camry (I'm embarrassed to know the chassis code of a Camry), it's about as fast as walking.
  12. Why? Too reliable? I hate when my tune doesn't blow up my car. They're like Cobb, not the most exciting, but you're not going to have a problem with their software.