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  1. Random Photo Discussion

    You mailed that T4 to me in an unpadded envelope.
  2. Random Photo Discussion

    Heavy images. I was in St Louis a couple months ago for a few days. Great city. Some of the most intricate forms of gentrification i've ever seen, very odd at times and breachingly problematic at other times. Very interesting place.
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    It was loL The benefit is just the inherit shift in thought process brought on by picking up another thing. It's hard to not let an apparatus' ergonomics change the way you work with it. Sort of like compartmentalized spaces, you know? Like, I goto the library when I want to read, and eventually you do it so much that you physically can't read the same way you do in the library when you're just at your apartment.
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    Haha, that's cool. I think I'm going to smash things as art again sometime very soon.
  5. Random Photo Discussion

    I want a point and shoot again, it would be fun to take pics, it's been a long time
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    Beautiful in chicago today. Had the windows open in the office today. Incredible. Tomorrow is going to be 46? Summer time in the midst of a cruel cruel winter.
  7. Random Photo Discussion

    You are so weird
  8. Random Photo Discussion

    Hey does anyone know who to contact to get my username changed back to my old one (which I use to login, it just doesn't display).
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    I use the curves tool on each color of RGB but only very basically as you would do the same with levels, but then after all the color is good I do slight adjustments to the curve in the standard RGB curve just to work on the contrast of the image. It's usually a very subtle S curve but lately I've been finding that I've just been doing on upward arch instead, it's a lot of trial and error. Watch for the areas of high contrast and make sure they don't peak (which would reveal the areas with lost information (hence; pixelation in blacks or whites)). After that using the hue and saturation tool on each individual color in the selections tab can be realllly good for getting rid of color casts. I find that I get the best images when I use the curves tool just to perfect exposure and mostly to get the color balance okay, but then fine tuning the color balance in hue and saturation.
  10. Random Photo Discussion

    Curves > levels, is basically the best way to sum up this
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    Just scan your negatives really flat, don't let any pure whites or blacks into your tiff files and keep those forevz- only edit adjustment layers ontop of those files and resave as their own individual files. Using the curves tool you can get that same effect, black where you want it but also without too much contrast that ruins the details in the face. It's really simple and takes little to no work, just about being really precise with the curve tool.
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    Just don't scan your film with such hard contrast. C41 35mm plus flash has a lot more to do with scanning/film reciprocity than it does on precise exposure, the slim effect that the tape would have wouldn't be noticeable at all.
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    I'm sorry, but Mickeys is the best 40 of all time. OE is just novelty. Anyone got wide mouth 40oz in their areas? So hard to find but they so good. Keep swillin'... 40oz cru~
  14. Random Photo Discussion

    THnx boiz, I think i want to RX100 II if i can afford it, anyone want to buy a 7D body with broke 50 1.4 ?? I'll give a decent deal to an SP member, shoot me an offer.
  15. Random Photo Discussion

    LOL that SL1 is so cute, I kinda want it. I guess I was vaguely throwing out everything I'd like to have in a camera in hopes that someone had filled that market by now. I've used the xpro1, it's a cool camera but way too precious and bulky for what I'm interested in. I'm essentially in the search for a pocketable point and shoot that has a good fast lens that will require the least amount of lens correction when editing or a fixed length between 35 - 50mmish. Must be atleast the same resolution as 7D, and have close to same resolution video. Hot shoe would be great to have as well. Though I guess when it comes down to it, after selling my 7D it might be best to grab a t2i for a tripod mount rig (I mostly use my camera to document other art objects), and then to buy a nice lil point and shoot to toss in the bag...