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  1. notoriousM.F.I

    Panasonic Dvx100b For Sale $425

    your inbox is full, do you still have this?
  2. notoriousM.F.I

    Vx1000 And Mk1 For Sale

    price on just vx plz
  3. agreed, I wished I had one for this. Also I forgot my handle to film lines with so it is extra shaky..
  4. Had to create a short film for my class, and my teacher told me to add in a tricktip in the middle. So I am sorry in advance for the 30 seconds of nonsense about how to tre flip. It's a good watch though and would love your opinions on it. Some shots were out of focus which pissed me off, and my tripod broke after the second shot of the short so it sucks. cheers! Skaters include: Devin Murrell Josh Eckert Derick Glancy Marino Nicastro
  5. notoriousM.F.I

    Weekend Clips

    just :56 seconds of fun at Bradenton Skatepark in Florida, and Skatepark of Tampa.. Check it out Let me know what you guys think, cheers.
  6. notoriousM.F.I

    Ft: Canon T3i Setup

    I lied 840, but around 900 I guess click this for fucking Amazon
  7. notoriousM.F.I

    Ft: Canon T3i Setup

    Also I am looking to only trade for a body that's it.
  8. notoriousM.F.I

    Ft: Canon T3i Setup

    bodies go for around 800 (7d), t3i is 500, I add a sigma which is 400, or my rokinon etc that matches up. Thanks.
  9. notoriousM.F.I

    Ft: Canon T3i Setup

    I am Looking to trade my T3i setup for something like a canon 7d or around that area. I would trade either as follows: T3i body+stock lens+Rokinon 8mm fisheye or T3i body + Sigma 30mm Throw up offers, not willing to split literally anything, if nothing comes up I will just keep this because I love the setup.
  10. notoriousM.F.I

    Wtb: Vx1 Mk1

    This is for my buddy SPECTRUM on here he's a real good guy and I can vouch for his legitness. HIT HIM UP NOT ME
  11. notoriousM.F.I

    Hmc150 Fs/ft For Jaakkoskates

    Would you consider my t3i trade now?
  12. notoriousM.F.I

    F/s: Hvx200 And Xtreme Fisheye Setup

    Id trade you my T3i, a Sigma 30mm (or a rokinon 8mm if you'd prefer that), stock lens, batteries/charger, and handle all just for the camera itself.
  13. notoriousM.F.I

    Richmond Monty

    that was real good
  14. notoriousM.F.I

    Radlyfe.com At Skatepark Of Tampa

    Thanks man!
  15. www.radlyfe.com is my website/company I just started. Check out a few clips just posted from today! Thanks guys!