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  1. pmflaherty

    Leaving Dslr For Zoom Handle Cam

    Ok so i havent been on here since my vx days but I've come far from then. Been filming since the 90's so I'm no rookie, however I really don't even know what the newest HD zoom cams are. I know that the HPX is kind of the standard, right? Right now I have a 70D and gopro4. I don't even have time to take photos with the Canon and to be honest, I really don't like the picture quality of the video. It's great for things other than actions sports, such as artsy stuff and all that but I've become quite fond of the higher frame rates at 1080. I would love a cam that shot 1080/60 that is a zoom handle camcorder. I could spend a few grand. I guess my question is, are there any camcorders that are new or coming out that I should know about? I heard gopro wants to expand into something that will change the game forever that is compact, has a handle, and shoots in high frame rates at extremely high resolutions, built for action sports. Until that day I want to move away from my DSLR. Oh, and if you just shit on this post with some dumb response making fun of me for just not knowing, then you can suck it because I'm just asking and I admit I'm not up on everything because I'm out in the world filming and skating. I'd just really appreciate some insight.
  2. pmflaherty


    Anybody using it yet? I have a trial version. It's pretty sweet. I've been messing with the warp stabilizer but I'm wondering if anyone else out there has messed with it in a skateboarding context as far as lines or rolling long lens shots. I've been applying it to gopro shots and its pretty sick but it has some issues at times. maybe there is a topic already dedicated to CS6 or Warp Stabilizer.. if so please direct me. I haven't been on here in a long time so I can't even remember how to search these forums. Could use a little advice on that too. Thanks!
  3. Yo so a crew of like 8 of us from Columbus, Ohio and California are headed to Pittsburgh next weekend. We have a few spots but just wondering if you guys know of any good downtown area spots, or spots in outlying areas that are worth the drive. Also if anybody wants to meet up and show us around, that would be sick.
  4. pmflaherty

    If You Could Pick Any New Cam.....

    I actually changed it up and got the EX1. Won't have the money for the Xtreme though. Yeah I actually have 2 vx1k's right now so I'm keeping one as a run cam/ fish cam. I do have the TY2 bag. The EX and VX fit nicely but not much room for my light setup. And I generally don't really end up pushing around the whole city with my camera. In Cali we generally have to drive to spots anyway. Thanks for all the input guys. I will be posting footage asap
  5. pmflaherty

    Sony Ex1

    Oh nice.. so it kicks ass in low light? That is aweome! The EX will be arriving at my house next wednsday. I'm so stoked. A little intimidated however because it looks like it has a ton of manual controls but I am stoked about that. I'm just used to vx's and GL's. Had an FX7 for a year but it kinda sucked in my opinion. Sucked in low light.
  6. pmflaherty

    Sony Ex1

    Thanks guys.. yeah def gonna be shooting skating with it. Prolly lots of rolling long lens shots. I'll prolly use my VX1k's for fisheye and runs.. don't think I'll ever be able to afford the X lens for this bad boy. Even if I did I would prolly be too scared to get it hit with a board.
  7. pmflaherty

    Sony Ex1

    May be inheriting a Sony EX1. Just wondering if anyone has any input. Thanks!
  8. pmflaherty

    If You Could Pick Any New Cam.....

    I will do that for sure. The cam should be here friday. Yeah He's the best!
  9. pmflaherty

    If You Could Pick Any New Cam.....

    Did a lot of research and I'm going with the HPX. Thank for the advice guys.
  10. pmflaherty

    If You Could Pick Any New Cam.....

    I'm gonna keep one for second angles and sell one for real cheap
  11. pmflaherty

    If You Could Pick Any New Cam.....

    HAHA nice that's funny. Thanks guys for the heads up on the HPX170 Looks like a tight camera.
  12. pmflaherty

    If You Could Pick Any New Cam.....

    What is the HPX170? I know what the xtreme lens is I'm just camera retarted.. except for vx1k's and GL's. I had the FX7 for a year and didn't like it all that much. Yeah my friend is the shit. He signed a huge deal with a major insurance company as their spokesman.
  13. So my good buddy recently came up on a grip load of cash. He has offered to buy me almost any new camera. I currently have 2 VX1k's and I have shot with GL1's and 2's as well as Sony FX7's.. Anyways, I am pretty much clueless as to any other good cams.. so anybody got any good advice? -Pat
  14. I think he got it out to me in like 4-5 days.
  15. Yo so I ordered a VX1000 Sony viewfinder ribbon from this dude.. It seemed a little sketchy at first cause it wasn't through eBay or anything, but the dude is super legit and came through. I installed it earlier tonight and it works perfectly. I told him that if I actually got the ribbon and everything worked out that I would post his info on here. I think his name is Peter and he said he has mad ribbons in stock. Here's the email he sent me: The viewfinder new ribbon cable for Sony vx1000 is available. The price for a Sony brand is $ 45 The price for a compatible product (non-Sony Brand) is $25 Shipping is free with regular mail and about $15 (charged by Canada Post) using register mail. I also sell used parts (all in good working condition) for VX1000 & VX700. You can pay us through PayPal. PayPal account: peter_ca@yahoo.ca (please note is .ca not .com). The item will be sent to you upon receiving the payment Thanks Peter It arrived well packaged and super quick. I ordered the Sony brand for $45 and just had it sent regular mail so no charge for shipping. Paid through PayPal. Word up homies!