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  1. POPTartS

    Random Photo Discussion

    This was often my experience with color 35mm. Black and white seemed to be fine, as was anything medium format. I never developed color at home but I'm sure I could have. It's a matter of temperature control and agitation no? Just before I stopped with film I just had CVS give me a disk with the images for color 35mm. Don't people "scan" with dslrs and macro lenses now? Or was that just a fad? Like is that actually a viable way to get results?
  2. POPTartS

    Random Photo Discussion

    Wow no way... Didn't expect to get an email saying SP is back again. Haven't shot a photo on anything other than my phone in so long. Didn't even realize I was signed up for emails.
  3. POPTartS

    Random Photo Discussion

    Me. s110 fo lyfe. Never had any of these fancy ones with the evfs and whatever. I actually almost forgot my username and password. Haven't posted in a while and the computer didn't autofill it.
  4. POPTartS

    Random Photo Discussion

    I never could get good scans off the 35mm. Had better luck with 120, unsurprisingly. Cool colors though. And hey my Christmas avatar is relevant again.
  5. POPTartS

    From The Hip

    Hello sp. I still take photos sometimes. All these were with my phone, and I've stupidly deleted the originals for the last two so I only have tiny versions on my computer. Shot from the hip, hardly able to see the screen, in a hurry to get over the dunes and check the waves. Was pleasantly surprised it came out exposed like this. I did adjust it and get this shot before the phone decided it didn't like my adjustment and went back to auto exposing improperly. The sign sucks. I know. Shot at a red light. The flickr ui is very annoying now. Apparently it auto tags your images too. The top one has outdoor, sand, sunset and sky. Pretty accurate I guess.
  6. POPTartS

    Random Photo Discussion

    Damn that thing is crazy. I agree on needing some sort of feedback though. My s110 has a touchscreen and it's kinda awkward to change settings on that. I'd rather have them tied to little scroll wheels to flip through shutter speeds of apertures real quick, which is how my camera is configured. Edit: no fisheye?
  7. POPTartS

    Far Away Framing

    Agree with Mike. I like this sort of comp but the skater really needs to stick out. The cars don't help you either. Go for a reshoot? I think it could be made to work. Give him a red shirt or something. I always think it'd be cool to do this from very far away with a long lens wide open, for something like the first. The background would just have a bit of blur to it then. Processing looks nice. I like the colors and all that.
  8. POPTartS

    Random Photo Discussion

    Is making your own chemicals common there, because of necessity or otherwise? This page goes into some speculated details about the formula of HC110 and has a lot of great info abut using it if you need that sort of thing. I'm assuming HC110 is similar to rc110. And I'm sure you know, but if not, digitaltruth.com publishes a lot of formulas for developers.
  9. I was also going to say that. I saw the first and thought that it was an interesting choice to display it upside down, but the correct choice. And then I figured you were doing all of them this way on purpose. I like the first as is.
  10. POPTartS


    These are sick, very wintery, and the way the third one is helps with that. The orange is perfect too. What jetties or inlets are those? Maybe I was surfing that day. It got pretty cold this winter, but pretty good in terms of waves.
  11. POPTartS

    Random Photo Discussion

    Pure acetone will take it right off. Nail polish remover might. What's the deal with this pentax? Googled it and It's 8500 dollars, might as well buy a 5d and nice glass?
  12. POPTartS

    Chex For Dinner

    Obviously this has been done before, but I finally got my chance. Pretty sure that's another plane, not the shadow of the one I'm in. Bonus 1 and bonus 2, since I never post anymore. I seem to only shoot when I travel, which probably means I should travel more.
  13. POPTartS

    Random Photo Discussion

    http://www.digitaltruth.com/data.php?doc=filmdevs You should look at digital truth if you're not already. They've got formulations and whatever for homemade developers.
  14. POPTartS

    Random Photo Discussion

    ^ Like the black sharpie or tape dot in the center of it?
  15. POPTartS

    Random Photo Discussion

    I've posted iphone photos on here several times, I think. May or may not have said they were phone photos. Doesn't matter to me what I shot them on.