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  1. 4490

    Just purchased one and I installed it like they told me to but it wont recognize that I'm trying to scan 120 film, it wont let me switch to film in any mode. The tab where film is is just gray in professional mode. No modes recognize that there is film and they wont let me select film. help??
  2. Welcome To Hillyard

    its like you didn't even take these?
  3. A Place Called Lonesome Town

    go kill yourself.
  4. Neat

    not of had the same composition. How come this thread gets 12 replies, and I can't get one. You people made me delete all my photos on the interweb. I mean, Jfirny you're getting better but these aren't very strong. Exposure on the first is good though.
  5. Ollie Then Bs Smith

    The photo it self is composed extremely poor. Fish eye from the bottom, the whole left frame all they way to the middle and then some if out of focus and not adding to the shot at all. If you were trying gnar DOF kind of thing with him in the right third, well it didnt work. Half the image is distracting and seriously takes away from the subject. Lose the fish, shoot long lens, seeing how the bank is horizontal along the with rail behind it, a front on shot or an extreme pan far right and low could of been a better choice. You cant see the trick at all, you cant see the bank at all, all you see is the curb, the curb filling more than half the image and a subject in the right third doing a trick you cant makeout. The lighting is on point, the rim works well and the front of the bank is exposed perfect. The angle just so ruins everything, the bank being horizontal I feel could make a strong composition if you were in front of the subject knee height, maybe far right also. Have that horizontal bank be the main line for the photo, having it in strong direction inside the frame. Long lens and that angle would allow you to see the trick and get something going aesthetically for the photo. ha.
  6. Ollie Then Bs Smith

    whys everyone so hyped on this, its a compositional nightmare.
  7. Hahah

    I bet you don't get laid.
  8. Young L, Lil B

    If you're shooting with a nikon they have a built in light to focus, just put your focus section in the center.
  9. Medium Format

    awesome feedback.
  10. Factor X Ramps Can Be Fun

    lighting is not that great for having 3 flashes.
  11. Medium Format

    someone should clone stamp that flash out for me
  12. Color!

    Whoa Eric, the first is my favorite photo from you! really nice.
  13. Medium Format

    I had set up for a digital shot and didn't move that flash when I was composed this fast to get the trick. Portra 160VC, click them to view large.
  14. Yayyy Printtts.

    I hope its from the flatbed scanner.
  15. Modern Life Is War

    SP's new body guard.