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  1. dude chill. just trying to help some fellow photogs out with good prices on gear in damn good condition. thanks for locking up my other 2 threads as well.
  2. pdp

    Studio Lighting?

    there are numerous products out there that will allow you to attach just about anything to tripods first mistake many people make when starting is overbuying, rather than being analytical. you already have 4 good tripods. find the necessary clamps to hold the items you'd like to them and call it a day. in the end you saved money, and have less clutter. it's so win
  3. pdp

    Fs: Ubiquity Record Bag

    hard to tell but it's a dark green, like military fatigues green bought it but never used it. impulse. 70 to your door via usps
  4. more spring cleaning. 80 to your door smells like new
  5. you will feel like king kong with every single modular unit attatched to your belt. pants hang super low, at no cost to you. it's march, it's spring cleaning time speed changer speed racer r u thirsty lens changer 75 whip it out lens changer 80 lightning fast test drive bag lens changer 25 lens changer 15 bum bag lens drop in lens changer 50 pro speed belt Large pixel racing harness for pricing go to http://www.thinktankphoto.com/products.aspx then subtract 30% shipped usps
  6. my bad, didnt realize the classifieds were broken down into subcats...classy i have 2, 1 with a glass plate, the other with no glass plate. both are smashing good pieces, just i never shoot pola's anymore. these eat through the pola 100 variety. 3.25x4.25 im in boston. shoot me offers. just want these off my hands and out of the pelican
  7. sorry, moved to correct forum
  8. pdp

    An Asbolute Steeaallll!

    sex without paying. i win
  9. pdp

    Beginner Questions

    do it with curves layer. not the apple+U command
  10. pdp

    Film For Sale!

    shit for time lately. trying to finish up on a furniture shoot. anyways, i know i have about 200 rolls of provia 100f. about the same of velvia 100f, too. long dated mid 2006 i believe. ilford 3200 maybe 20 rolls neopan abouot 40 rolls epn about 30 rolls shit i dunno. holler if you're serious
  11. pdp

    Film For Sale!

    i got a serious amount of 120. let me take a pic of my fridge tomorrow
  12. skip the bs and just save for pw's. rumor has it, jesus told his disciples this very thing at the last supper
  13. pdp

    Beginner Questions

    sometimes i chuckle when i read your posts. it's like alanis morrisette is vibing through you and making you type. and even though there is some schooled members on sp, it shouldnt turn into a one stop quickie mart. do some reading, google, read, google. then post on sp if you're still confused
  14. pdp

    Beginner Questions

    yep, pc to mini http://www.paramountcords.com/proddetail.asp?prod=pw-pc5 there's cheaper than this. paramounts are 26. i think pw makes one for 17. i use the 5 foot coiled and toss it into my shirt pocket
  15. pdp

    Film Thread

    try http://www.eastcoastphoto.com/nav/itempage...catid=&hid= or http://ecamerafilms.stores.yahoo.net/fujvel50rvp1.html# they say in stock but it could be a teaser...worth a call