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  1. Mikon

    what's up with your website?

    Finally finished mine! Only one project up there but there will be more soon. http://michaelgdonahue.com/
  2. Mikon

    Random Photo Discussion

    Do you know what resolution their scans are?
  3. Mikon

    Scanner for 35mm

    I've never used them, but I remember someone (Julien?) used to recommend a holder by betterscanning.com. They have anti-newton ring glass and keep your negs flat which are supposed to result in better scans. I believe their height is also optimized for the chosen scanner, so it's as in focus as it can get. Might be worth looking into if you end up with a flatbed.
  4. Mikon

    Random Photo Discussion

    The guy who got my camera returned it to the post office and I retrieved it yesterday.. happy wednesday yall!!
  5. Mikon

    Random Photo Discussion

    My camera I got off ebay was signed for and delivered to someone in a town like five miles away. What the hell do I do now?
  6. Mikon

    what's up with your website?

    Can't wait to see yours when it's up!!! Currently in the process of making one for myself. I have the hosting and domain all set up. In the design process now which is pretty fun. Been doing some web stuff at work and getting better at CSS and JS so I'm gonna carry that over to my personal site. I totally agree with the presentation thing being really underrated. Most photo sites follow the same formula and are pretty cookie cutter. I think its an important consideration as it can alter or influence the meaning of the work. Do you or anyone else think there's a limit on how far back work should go? I have stuff from a cross country road trip in 2015 (I think) I took that has never seen the light of day.
  7. Alright so we've been talking about what we've done since SP went off line. But it's a new year and SP is back, so what do y'all got planned for the year? I'll start it off by saying I'm gonna make a website for my work, which I've said for the past two years. I have a design ready though, so now I just need to make the work. Would also like to start and complete some sort of series of work, just to get me out and shooting more, since I've laid off of that a lot.
  8. Mikon

    Random Photo Discussion

    The amount of time and film I've wasted trying to get decent home processing results + mediocre flatbed scans is enough for me to just have a lab develop and scan with the results I want and expect.
  9. Mikon


    Framing on 1st and 5th are perfect.
  10. Mikon

    we back

    Replacing with rz67!!
  11. Mikon

    Random Photo Discussion

    I would if I had time :/ Thanks Steve, will check them out.
  12. Mikon

    Random Photo Discussion

    Anyone got any mail-in processing and scanning services they'd recommend? I had a few I looked into but can't remember any of them.
  13. Mikon

    we back

    A few from a VA trip with my lady when I had the blad.. but I sold it last week.