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  1. Yeah Linux/Python is great. Been doing it for 7-8 years now. It's nice because people learn Java and C# in school (or used to) - while really the job market is/was asking for Linux positions. For people like me (skate rats with no education whatsoever) it only takes skills to get a job, not some bullshit piece of paper you finished college/uni. Following you on Github now!
  2. Damn, I joined SP on December 13, 2004. I was 14. Wanted to become a film-maker, became a software developer instead. Still have a s16mm camera I plan to do a short with though. Good to have SP back, it has a special place in my heart.
  3. Dusted off some MiniDV tapes.... captured some shit. Made a montage.
  4. schoft

    Old Footage #1

    No. :But I have so much stuff laying around on my harddisk. Going to make a couple of montages.
  5. schoft

    Alga Park Alga Park Alga Park

    sick park, sick footy. Editing is fine.
  6. Some stuff I and some friends filmed when I was still filming a lot (5-10 years ago). I was too lazy to make an intro.
  7. Some shots could have used some more brightness, some shots could have used a higher shutterspeed ( dont know if is even possible with the camera you're using, i dont know shit about photocameras ) and some shots could have used a more neutral whitebalans ( not important ). The footy in general is pretty sharp.
  8. schoft

    Janky Justin V2

    in some shots you might have been way too close. for example the overcroocked and 5050 with the ramped slowmo. the camera movement is too funky there for my liking. Did you try the blend-frames option with the rampedslowmos yet so it looks more smooth ? For the music try editing more onto the beat. You did it right with the 5050 ramped slowmo down the handrail because he touched the rail when the song said "pass", which is good, but then he shouldve landed it on the next beat where the song says 'pass' again (whatever the fuck the song says). It just feels better. was a nice video tho.
  9. schoft

    34mm Or 37mm

    Hey, My friend is looking for a fisheye for his 33mm onechipper. I don't know anything about 'small' fisheyes. You can either buy one that is 34mm or 37mm. He will use a stepdown ring to fit the lens. Is it best to buy the 34mm or 37 ? I figured that the 34mm is wider on his 33mm camcorder. thanks
  10. schoft

    We Don't Know

    There are some other songs in the video that are already used aswell. Dident know about what if, untill i heard it. Frankly, i don't quite care anymore
  11. schoft

    We Don't Know

    he's a beast
  12. Decided i'd upload a video i made last year. 1. Intro 2. Bas Janssen and friends #1 3. Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Felipe Barea and Robbin Oost 4. Friends #2 and Sewa Kroetkov 5. Rob Maatman Credits still needs to be upped persons who worked on this: Me, Hijko Deen, Simon Ruesink, Richie Valdez, Nicky Fabbery, Roeland Bentzevelzen. I filmed the intro , did most of the editing and filmed maybe half of the other footy. The footage itself is pretty old in general. Have fun watching. not.
  13. schoft

    A Curb

    I just started photographing with a contax rts 3 wich i can borrow from work, and was pretty stoked on this. large - bs 180 sw 5-0 to normal bonus fuji 400, zeiss makro-planar 2.8 100mm
  14. schoft

    Intro Montage