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  1. I haven't logged into sp in quite sometime diggin the new layout. Anyway I made a no-budget film with some friends that revolves around some skating, but not in a grind or street dreams way. Filmed with a canon 7d and some nikon ai lenses and an opteka fisheye.
  2. fuji

    Video Netjiot

    I used a ladder for that shot.
  3. fuji

    Video Netjiot

    Here's a new montage I made at a friends private TF that he has setup for the winter. I used a canon 7d, canon 50mm 1.8 lens, nikon ai 35mm 2.8, and an opteka 6.5mm fisheye.
  4. fuji

    Video Netjiot

    Thanks, all the fisheye stuff except for the last 2 lines were filmed with a homemade handle.
  5. fuji

    Video Netjiot

    Another 7D montage using nikon 50mm and 24mm ais lenses as well as the opteka 6.5mm http://vimeo.com./11768723
  6. fuji

    Video Netjiot

    It's been a while since I posted on the forums but I've been lurking around lately and am stoked on how the dslr's are catching on with skate filmer's. I own a 7d for commercial work and shot a feature on one, and I just recently got a chance to take the camera with me on a skatepark session with a friend and got a bit of footage that I put together. Youtube link Vimeo link http://vimeo.com/11343840
  7. fuji

    Your Thoughts On Debacle?

    I was stoked on this video the filming and skating were great and it was nice to see an all HD skate video.
  8. fuji

    New Canon Vidcams- Hv40, Hf-s10/100, Hf20/200

    yea I don't see huge improvement on the hv40 over the 30 but atleast people looking into the hv cameras will be able to get the hv20-hv30 for really cheap.
  9. fuji

    New Website Www.andrewtodd.ca

    I've seen most of the photos before but there were some in the section A that looked new and were really good. Nice and simple website layout too.
  10. fuji

    Favorite Setup

    my favorite setup was the vx1000 mk1, to bad there's not someone hacking it to somehow make it HD lol
  11. fuji

    Film And Mini Dv Through X Ray

    The tapes should be fine, but film can be tricky depending on what speed film it is, the higher the iso the more sensitive to the x-ray it will be. I've had really slow film speed (think it was iso50) get x-rayed at the airport once and it was fine. I know someone who was shooting a documentary and had stuff they were shooting on 16mm, and they brought a black change bag to have each roll of film hand checked so I'm assuming most people travelling with film do that? Or you can just ship it to where ever your going and make sure the shipping company knows not to x-ray.
  12. fuji

    Hd Cameras

    I'd say if you're going HD and want some bang for your buck look at Panasonic's or Canon's current line of cameras.
  13. fuji

    Light Placement

    yea using your on camera light will help a bit, but the best thing to do is to get a friend or whoever is with you at the time to be sit where your going to be filming and move the lights until the shadow is gone and your satisfied with the lighting. also like stcfigz said having the lights raised up higher will help cast the shadow onto the ground more and less on the spot.
  14. fuji

    Diy Fluorescent Lights?

    They would light up a spot yes, but you would need to have them pretty close to whatever you want to light up. I've never used a DIY one but I've used the kinoflo diva's before and they are a great source for soft lighting but the tricky thing with the DIY one is that you could get some flickering or some weird color temperatures. The reason Kinoflo can charge so much for their lights is because the ballast inside of them is suppose to be really good which prevents it from getting flickering and allows you to dim the light without to much temperature change in the color it gives off. If you do try to make one of these let us know how it works out because I'm curious to see how close you have to place the light.
  15. fuji

    Nikon D-90 Shootin 24p?!

    The lens choices will be the huge advantage for this camera over other hd cameras. Red's supposedly releasing a DSLR that's going to shoot something like 2k and there will be a wave of new cameras being released with HD video modes from both Nikon and Canon.