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  1. anduhsoon

    The Bails Thread

    411 911 was probably the dumbest video ever made.
  2. anduhsoon

    The Bails Thread

    i hate seeing people get fucked on rails. it makes me not wanna skate them at all. the cold really makes me not wanna skate at all. cold feet are the worst.
  3. anduhsoon

    East Coast

    that was super sick i love watching east coast stuff. that wallie tuck knee was pretty nutty too.
  4. anduhsoon

    Shapes And Shadows

    that cop would pull up the curb instead of telling you to leave from the street. i loved it.
  5. anduhsoon

    Mike Frith Murders Shit

    that guy gets buck! wheres that ditch spot at that he did a backtail on?
  6. anduhsoon

    Day At The Park With Elijah Nelson

    pretty dope and shit
  7. anduhsoon

    Battle At The Berrics 2

    ive voted like 6 times. i really want danny brady, davis torgerson and jake johnson in it super bad
  8. anduhsoon

    "has This Song Been Used?"

    [quote name='MattSteindl' post='2873763' date='Jan 6 2009, 09:49 PM']The Grass Roots-Let's Live For Today sorry to post again but i need to kno soon because im using it in my friends part and i dont wanna edit everything then find out its been used[/quote] used by travis usselman and kipp gabriel in idontknowyouknowwhoknows [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYLaFDVPZOo"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYLaFDVPZOo[/url]
  9. anduhsoon

    In Color

    tyler price is so fucking gnarly his parts are always gnarly.
  10. anduhsoon


    so i just got surgery on a hernia yesterday and they told me i cant skate for a month or even lift over 20 lbs for a month. im super bummed and dont know what the hell im gunna do with all my time . anyone ever had this done? its a pretty common thing to have happen.
  11. anduhsoon


    i cant even do that.
  12. anduhsoon


    no just to you. i probably wouldent care if someone poosted a thread that announces you dead. actually i would probably be hyped.
  13. anduhsoon


    no its just a bulge above your dick it can be on the right or left upper side of it . it can only be treated by sugery. thank god its winter though.
  14. anduhsoon

    My Old Footage

    hell yeah that was sick. everyone should check out his new raw footage as well its dope!
  15. anduhsoon

    Help With Macbeth Project

    we just finished it today and its gay as shit. shakespeares a bitch.
  16. anduhsoon

    Opening A Skateshop

    why would a skate shop carry nike 6.0?
  17. anduhsoon

    Ok Seriously..

    you look like the biggest fucking emo bitch ever. do you even know to ride a skateboard? FLIP FLOPS AND AMERICAN EAGLE?!!?
  18. i always curl my toes when i sit. just about every time im sitting im curling my toes without even knowing it.
  19. anduhsoon

    Brent Willard

    brent needs his wet wipes.
  20. anduhsoon

    24 Pack In An Hour

    the point of the game is more to see if you can hold in your piss. good luck pulling your pants down fast with 40z taped to your hands. pretty sure youd piss your pants before youd pass out, 2 40z isint really that much.
  21. anduhsoon

    24 Pack In An Hour

    yeah 24 beers in an hour? fuck that. then to poisen yourself by taking shrooms after attempting to drink 24 beers will fuck your shit up.
  22. anduhsoon

    Fine Skate Clips Thread

    http://www.skatethemegapolis.com/m5/megapolis.php brent willard filmed in 6 days. amazzzing!
  23. anduhsoon

    "4 Down" Promo

    alright beartown you fucking mormon