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  1. Sistfer

    Mega Photo Gear Sale!

    120j and quantums are sold
  2. Sistfer

    I Need Some Flashes

    got a couple sunpaks.. 544 and 555. ..yeah?
  3. Sistfer

    Mega Photo Gear Sale!

    400 shipped
  4. Sistfer

    Mega Photo Gear Sale!

    500 shipped 125 shipped..
  5. Sistfer

    Mega Photo Gear Sale!

    Bump.. Come on guys..
  6. Shit.. Well how much are you looking for?
  7. very interested in the 28mm.. maybe trade for something in my thread? it's photo stuff.. not a psp or a netbook or something stupid: mega photo gear sale
  8. This is tough.. but I've been putting it off for too long. Canon 1D- 21k actuations.. 2 gb card.. all chargers and accessories.. battery needs to be replaced Canon 15mm f2.8- so clean!! glass is nearly perfect Lowepro Photo Trekker AW- looks a little rough, but it's all there Sunpaks 544 + 555- a bit scratched up but they both work fine.. included are brackets and sync cords Sunpak CL-2 Battery + charger- i've got two of these.. i have more pictures sad to see this stuff go lets talk!!
  9. clear your inbox man, i'll take it

  10. Sistfer

    Canon 1d + 2gb Cf Card

    $350 shipped..
  11. Sistfer

    Canon 1d + 2gb Cf Card

    no thanks..
  12. Sistfer

    Canon 1d + 2gb Cf Card

    i'll throw in a canon 50mm 1.8 for free... come on!!!
  13. For sale is a used Canon 1D in good condition. I've had the camera for a few years; it works perfect, just has some minor wear on the outside. Actuation count is 21,351. Battery needs to be replaced soon though, fully charged it only lasts for 30-45 minutes. Everything in the photo is included. Body, 2gb san disk cf card, card reader, np-e3 battery, charger, box, manual, and straps. I'm looking for $400 shipped. Sorry for the shitty pictures.
  14. Sistfer


    lol sedona, az big
  15. Sistfer


    tmax 100... i think