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  1. Vx2000Filmer

    Eq Monty

    Hey everyone, haven't been on here in awhile. Looking for some feedback on this little montage of a sesh at our local indoor park. It was my first time combining SD and HD in a montage. Not quite sure whether or not I like the transitions between the two though. Feedback? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-VOf_lgw8A
  2. Vx2000Filmer

    Wtb: Complete Vx1 Setup

    Hey everyone, if you have any of the following, please post. American Vx1000 Century Mark 1 Ty Bag 2 Mini Trekker Sony Premiums in bulk Don't waste my time with any broken vx1's or scratched fisheyes. I need a legit vx1 that will last and a scratch free mk1. Hit me up!
  3. Vx2000Filmer


    Could this be the Vx1000 I bought and never received? hmmmmm
  4. Vx2000Filmer


    I'm pretty sure that naturaltheater is who he says he is. But, if you are a little korean kid, then explain to me why you have a picture of some white dude. I'm also pretty sure that you (naturaltheater) has some info that could be of help to me, you've met this Erick Delgado many times I'm sure seeing as you've filmed together alot, so I'm sure you could put me in touch with him or his parents some how.
  5. fuck you, you scamming piece of shit.

  6. Vx2000Filmer


    Everytime I call his phone, he has Thuggigh Ruggish Bone as his fucking ringer, and it goes straight to voicemail. So I dont know, maybe his phones deactivated or something or maybe hes just ignoring my calls. Worth a try dude.
  7. Vx2000Filmer


    I was scammed by a user on here who goes by the name of Erick.D - http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?showuser=35789 He scammed me out of an entire Vx1000 Mark 1 setup with extras. - http://forums.skateperception.com/index.ph...p;#entry3157916 I paid for it almost two whole months ago, on July 31st, and have been trying to track him down ever since. This is the info I was given: 562 708 0562 Erick Delgado 10517 Lakewood Blvd Downey, CA 90241 If there is anyone on this forum who lives around the Downey California area, show yourself in this thread. There is big money in this for you!!! Anyone know this kid or have any info on him? (and Wes, I know you still want your $30. If I can ever get some money in paypal, which isint happening until I get this ordeal sorted out, consider the $30 plus alot of interested yours)
  8. I bought this package on July 31st. It is now September 3rd and it still isint fucking here. Does anyone have a number I can reach him at? He gave me one but it goes straight to voicemail everytime. You have one week before I come to Cali and deal with you in person.
  9. Vx2000Filmer

    Assignment 42

    even if it isn't posted in the rules, assignments entries in the video editing section must ALWAYS be new edits
  10. Vx2000Filmer

    Post Your Setup!

    this: d70 & 18-70 and this:
  11. Vx2000Filmer

    Post Your Setup!

    Just made this LCD Hood for my Dvx. Not bad for 30 minutes work.
  12. Vx2000Filmer

    Fs Japanese Vx1000

    would u sell ur modded bayo ring if u still have it?
  13. Vx2000Filmer

    Assignment 65

    Dvx100a Ian Gauthier Switch 180 5-0
  14. Vx2000Filmer

    Ty Evans (skate Fairy) - Vincent Choco 60p.

    sooo good. makes me think about getting a hvx