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  1. skatejersey33


    Does everyone just suck each others dicks here now? This kid has a good foundation going and could really improve his work with some good critiques.. Every one of the post above me are fucking mindless. Sorry for the rant... This site used to be fucking awesome! Now its a fluff contest... As for your photos... The comps are pretty good. I would like to see you delete photoshop off your pc though. These were murdered by the editing. The top photo is a little over but all in all its a pleasing shot! The second one i would have like to have seen more of the top of the ledge he is skating.. That spot has some really unique lines running through... Use all that next time. All in all good shots you just need a little direction... Sry it was your post i ranted on but every time i come on its the same bs...
  2. skatejersey33

    Mike Rankine With His Filmer...

    Shot this for his upcoming check out in GSS but forgot to submit it....Interweb time. mike frontskide flio by skatejersey333, on Flickr
  3. skatejersey33

    Action Shots... Tell Me What You Think

    stop what you are doing and just look through the talent that post here. What is your background in photography? 1st thing you should do is rage quit photoshop! 2nd thing is study composition and how it applies to skateboarding photography. 3rd dont worry about getting published... Really, just shoot photos and have fun LEARNING. Sorry to come off dickish but there are soooo many people on this site that are talented as fuck. You had to have looked at their work before you decided to post. How could you think these are comparable? You know what, i am a dick....Sorry
  4. skatejersey33

    Getting Gnar In Dc

    yeah, i love the second one just cause its pleasing to look at. I wasn't really working for the shot. I just seen a nice scene and shot it. The timing should have been a fraction sooner. If i had him dead smack in the middle of the base of that statue it wouldn't seem so unbalanced...
  5. skatejersey33

    Getting Gnar In Dc

    I rolled my ankle so bad the third day out that all i had was time to shoot. So here is some stuff from the District i know there are nit pics in them both but they are both fun to look at..... second is no flashski.. was not about setting up toward the end of the trip..
  6. skatejersey33

    Hardflip Bs Tail

    Timing and comp are nice but is that some HDR i smell.... not feeling whatever post work you did....
  7. skatejersey33

    Five O Fakie

    haha yeah sorry dude i forgot to tell you the spot i ride for standard in woodbridge ...we went up to mass this last weekend. we ran into some of the solstice dudes and they were fucking awesome! if anyone goes up there defffff support that shop! ok so Jersey heads on this thread...who are you all? I like to know the fellow SPers in the state.. Im sure we know each other... Hi,my name is Rob. Im the late 20's red headed photog and you are????
  8. skatejersey33

    Five O Fakie

    haha i know i seen that . i shot a backside flip on that thing...No one was skating the box part of the hip though...ill post up some of those later
  9. skatejersey33

    Five O Fakie

    It was a five O fakie bro...Thats just the way he does them...I wanted the dead space to isolate him...I comps with out the outline of the building too but i really liked what those edges added to the photo so this is the one i stuck with. Thanks for the feed back broskis
  10. skatejersey33

    Nose Grind At Gnar Curbs

    I would rather be locked in a room with the video of this looped over and over than to see another fucking screen grab...If you are stoked on photography go buy a disposable camera.....
  11. skatejersey33

    Little Trip To Mass

    2 part answer on that one. 1 imageshack is not the best site to host them 2 i dont unmask sharpen my photos to where the cut your eyeballs..
  12. skatejersey33

    Nj Guys

    fuck that!! paul makes this photo hahahha guys are killing shit!