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  1. jordanbrorby

    Panasonic Sdr-h200 /baby Death Setup

    what happened to the 3 chip cam with baby death? you want 80 for it...
  2. jordanbrorby

    Panasonic Sdr-h200 /baby Death Setup

    I'm very interested. 70 bucks plus shipping? paypal work?
  3. Please critique/ give suggestions
  4. jordanbrorby

    Classic Weezy Edit

    never sent it in though. for younited nations 1, so it's all pretty old.
  5. jordanbrorby

    Best Of Nd Montage

    really? i thought we usually got good colors, but maybe i'm just used to how cold north dakota actually can get. ha! well me and the other main filmer in this both have dvc's with nikon lenses, so thats where the blurry vig comes into play. but overall, yes there is alot of guest filming by retards that dont know how to use cameras.
  6. jordanbrorby

    Tom Rohrer & George Akande

    i filmed that dvc clip in there
  7. if nothing else, we had fun making it so oh well.
  8. jordanbrorby

    Flow Trash Promo No. 1

    this promo made me depressed...just because it isn't coming out til late 2010. So hyped for this
  9. jordanbrorby

    The Official Berrics Thread

    don't watch it if you complain about it being boring then