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  1. Cheyne Quinn

    "your" Music (any Genre)

    http://soundcloud.co...day-featuring-e Cover Art V I've been slacking in terms of checking here, and listening to peoples music unfortunately, but that is going to change and hopefully encourage people to critique each other and be more productive.
  2. Cheyne Quinn

    "your" Music (any Genre)

    Cover art for a track I'm dropping tomorrow. It's the single off the ep I'm working on with the title 'Equlibrium'
  3. Cheyne Quinn

    "your" Music (any Genre)

    That live mixing shit was funny. Track sounded real nice. Quick Question: I was thinking about taking an MPC off the homie for $250, and I know to get it my beats onto the computer I need a pre-amp/audio interface or whatever. But would I just run it through that onto my computer, and hit record on the program?
  4. Cheyne Quinn

    Almost - 5-Incher

    Yo, I'm bummed Schulte didn't have a part. Then again I haven't watched a single part. Tomorrow.
  5. Cheyne Quinn

    Concerts You're Going To

    I wanna see Earth, Wind & Fire in August. SOS, you watch Louis tonight?
  6. Cheyne Quinn

    Going On U.s Tour Again

    Yo, you're music is so relaxing. Throwback style. I picture you wearing bright red lipstick a lot. Your label in Az, and no California dates?
  7. Lie4 / Pac Blood / I Will / DNA / 30 are my favorites, but I listen to XXX all the way through at least once a week. All of his albums are good though. XXX is like the culmination of him ultimately finding his style.
  8. Yeah, he's dope. This should get you stoked. http://diskography.tumblr.com/post/24599244622/the-danny-brown-mixtape-discography
  9. Cheyne Quinn

    "your" Music (any Genre)

    You rocked it dude. Your demeanor when you weren't spitting was pretty funny, but dope beat selection n bars.
  10. Cheyne Quinn

    "your" Music (any Genre)

    I appreciate that bro, and that is the style of music I'm going to be putting out most of the time, but I like to give other things a try from time to time.
  11. Cheyne Quinn

    "your" Music (any Genre)

    Word. Check my other track on the same site/page, and that is my go to style. Unwind was more of a favor/experiment, and I'm proud of it but I know where you're coming from.
  12. Cheyne Quinn

    "your" Music (any Genre)

    Anything in specific? I like critiques even if it's harsh, because I'm always willing to learn and get better.
  13. Cheyne Quinn

    "your" Music (any Genre)

    Song to the artwork two posts up. Turn it up, and vibe out! http://soundcloud.com/aquze/unwind-produced-by-hakeem
  14. Cheyne Quinn

    Posters, Logos, Business Cards

    I've always enjoyed your work, and I like all of these aesthetically. But everything is center based in your design, which isn't bad, but it's just a repeating element that stood out to me. Other than that keep up your good work man.